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Trend: Brands Cashing In on Happiness

Companies have started pursuing happiness. Branding is now having a strong connection to an emotion that people connect to most easily – Happiness. Countless brands in India (worldwide actually) have started using Happiness in their marketing strategies by including it in their tagline. The basic aim being that the brand should render its consumer a sense of well-being and joy. ... Read More »

The Top 10 Beer Brands For Entrepreneurs

There are two kinds of people in this world, guys who drink beer and guys who worship beer. For me, beer is the ultimate drink. I would prefer it any day over Whiskey, Brandy etc. In this post I decided I would write about the top 10 beer brands every entrepreneur should drink. From the beginning, beer has been about ... Read More »

Your Brand Is More Important Than Your Content

I am a big believer in branding. It is my strong belief that a good brand image can reduce your hard work by ALMOST 50%. This is especially true when you are in the blogging arena where a million other bloggers are providing the same content as you – maybe even better content than yours. This is why I titled ... Read More »

Investing In The “You” Brand

Brand management is an important concept that many companies have always focused on. If you thought that brand management is only restricted to companies like Pepsi and Mercedes, think again. More and more bloggers are understanding the urgent need to invest in the “you” brand. The “you” brand is basically the brand image that you create for yourself and your ... Read More »

Simple But Invaluable Tips on Branding Your Blog

Branding your blog, basically means creating a permanent awareness and recognition of your blog among the readers and other bloggers who are associated to your niche. Branding is a subject which has been over-hyped and has been considered more difficult than it really is. Decide between Using Your Name or Your Site’s Name: This is a dilemma which many bloggers ... Read More »

The Importance of Gravatar for a Blogger

Hi Everybody, I hope that everyone watched the latest movie Avatar back home this new year. I did and I will say that the movie has been a treat for my eyes. Right from the beautiful alien Neytiri to the courageous Jake Sully’s avatar. Watching the Avatar movie, I really wished I too had an avatar – then I realized ... Read More »