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CFO Featured on AllTop (Startups Section)

Collegefallout has finally featured in AllTop under the Startups section of the site. AllTop is an aggregator that lists the top blogs around the web and classifies them according to their niche. It is also founded by one of my favorite speakers and VC’s Guy Kawasaki. It is a pretty big deal to get listed on AllTop with all the best blogs ... Read More »

CollegeFallOut Monthly Traffic Report October 2010

This is the first time that I am sharing the monthly traffic report for CollegeFallOut. I have seen that for some reason, people really dig it. So here you go. The blog has really improved in the terms of bounce rate. Until last month, CFO was averaging a bounce rate of 72% – which is quite unhealthy for any blog. ... Read More »

New Logo, New Digs

It’s been an exciting day for CollegeFallOut. If you have just visited the blog for the first times since yesterday, you will see a big change in the look and feel of the blog. This blog has started to look much more sharp and attractive. It is all because of the brand new CollegeFallOut logo, here is a preview for ... Read More »

Why I Do Not Post More Than 2 Articles Each Day

The title of this post is quite self-explanatory- why I do not post more than 2 articles in a day. Since I began blogging on CollegeFallOut I have been able to get a good look of the competition around me and one thing which I have noticed about successful blogs is their number of posts each day. Popular and high-traffic ... Read More »

4 Things I Wish All New Visitors Did On My Blog

CollegeFallOut has a lot of new visitors. Many of them hardly let me know they were here. I can just see the posts that they read and that is it. For this reason, I am writing this post which is basically a rant on what I wish all my new visitors would do when they come to this blog. Yeah ... Read More »