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The 10 Characteristics Of Good Domain Name

Domain names are like the real estate property of the Internet. You invest in them wisely overtime and it can yield you profits. But if you really want to see your domain name as a good investment then you must know how to choose a good domain name. That is why this post will be helpful for you to understand what are the elements of a good domain name.

Characteristics of Good Domain Name
Characteristics of Good Domain Name

They have a .com extension

This is for me the most important characteristic of a good domain name. There are so many blogs out there that are suffering because they do not have a .com extension. Moreover, most people hardly type extnsions – they press “ctrl+Enter” after they type the domain name which automatically adds a .com extension.

Example: One of the prime example which illustrates the importance of .com extension is the unfortunate case of “zenhabits”. Leo Babauta is one of the smartest bloggers on the internet today. He created to form a 10k readers blog in a span of six months. But he does not own the .com extension of his domain name. As a result the guy who purchased is living the internet lifestyle thanks to the misdirected web traffic who think Leo’s blog ends with a “.com” extension.

It is a gist about the site

A good domain name can tell the visitor in a gist what the site is about. It helps further your credibilty. It is ideal to have a site name which is a really descreptive to your niche.

Example: The best example I can give you about a domain name that speaks about the site niche is – “”. Daniel Scocco runs this blog and his blog is exactly what his domain name says – blogging tips for you daily.

It is Short

Now I will be practical here. Short domains are all taken. In fact, all 4-letter domain names are exhausted and the 5-letter domains are also quickly becoming unavailable. Considering that a short domain name can be defined as one which is easy to remember. Perhaps by combining two words or two well-known slangs. The benefit you get from a short domain name is that it becomes easier for a visitor to recall your website.

Example: A good example of a short domain name is – “”. However, it is impossible for you to find such domain names. So that is where short domains name like “” and “”, come in handy.

Easy To Spell

Do not consider everyone on the internet as highly talented as you. Some domain names will always force an error out of most typists. Avoid losing out on valuable visitors because William Shakespear suggested a word for your domain name. Use simple words to create an good domain name.

Example: Most sites are examples of an easy-to-spell domain names such as “” whereas, it becomes difficult to spell for a person when there is a name such as “”. Also such names become long and winding for an user.

No Hyphens

This is a very important characterics of a good domain name. Blogs who have a hyphen are usually signing their death wish. People think that hyphens are the quick fix solution to an unavailable domain name. Its not that they are impossible to use, but with hyphen your life as a webmaster would be much harder than it would have. People will generally forget to put the hyphens in between the word and end up somewhere else.

Example: More than 2.5 million users visit “” every month. Now if you forget to include the hyphen, then people will end up at “” – which is a parked domain name (having zero content) having an Alexa rank of 298,517 – this Alexa rank is higher than sites that have a lot of content in them.  The rankings are high because of all the misdirected traffic that should have reached the original “”.

They contain related keywords

A domain name containing the related keywords that you intend to target will also help your search engine rankings. Google places a lot of importance to keywords that exist within the domanin name. A site which may not be having a lot of backlinks but still contains the keyword would be ranked higher on the search engine.

Example: If you happen to search for the keyword “blogging tips”, the site which is placed first in Google is “”. After that, it is Darren Rowse’s (God for Blogging Tips) site – “”. Now if you  analyze the backlinks to both the sites, “” has 64767 backlinks and “” has 434143 backlinks to it. Now there is no comparison of “” with “” SEO-wise but yet, Google ranks “” higher than “” for the search term “blogging tips”.

Its Not Your Name

Alright, this one can be a tough one to explain to you. It is great if you want to register the domain name for your name. Something like “”, but you should remember that, if you are planning to make money out of your site, either from selling, blogging etc.- then you should use a no-proper noun domain name.

Example: Your name as a site does not look professional unless you are Matt Cutts ( or Guy Kawasaki (

It Is Sociable

Considering what the internet is today, a good domain name does not en with its usability. The domain name must also be socially usable. You have to check whether the domain name you choose has Twitter handle, Facebook username etc. This will boost the value of your domain name.

There should be no doubt in your mind, this point is one of the lowest priorities as compared to the above points.


Now when you follow the above tips, more often than not you will end up with a pretty brandable name. Brandable domain names are name that are really catchy and simple for your visitor. It sticks to your mind. There is a reason why Google is great domain name – it is simple and interesting.

Example: I feel when it comes to coming up with brandable and good domain names Neil Patel is the man. He is a genius blogger and entrepreneur. His blogs “Quicksprout” and “” are examples of brandable domain names.


Make sure that YOU like the domain name, even if you have to skip a couple of points from above. There is something about a domain name that you really love. The level of attachment is something else.

Example: There is a secret behind the name of my site “”, it stands for my decision to almost drop out of college to pursue entrepreneurship. But the name is rather covert and most would not be able to derive the name, yet, I am happy with it. Another popular example is Harsh Agrawal’s extremely popular blogging tips/technology blog – “”.

I hope this post has been the ultimate guide for you to choose a good domain name. I would love to read your views below.


List Of Top 10 Domain Registrars

A list of top domain registrars where you can buy cheap domain names. All of these biggest domain name registrars accept Paypal. These domain registrars are all ICANN accredited, so you can trust them blindly. Moreover, the list of domain name registrars below are among the fastest growing internet companies currently.

Domain Name Registrar
Domain Name Registrar

A great domain name is at the core of every online business, blog, website, and ecommerce website. It represents your identity online and helps you in creating a brand.The Importance of Brand cannot be underestimated.

Here is a list of top domain registrars:


GoDaddy is the biggest domain name registrar company. Literally a daddy of the domain name industry! They currently have almost 35,654,055 domain names under them, which makes them the most trusted place to buy domain names. Most successful pro-bloggers also register their domain names under GoDaddy. GoDaddy is founded by internet entrepreneur Bob Parsons.

You can buy domain names at GoDaddy here.

Number of Domain Names Handled: 36,512,397

Market Share: 31.089%

Enom has been listed among the fastest growing domain name registrars. They have the second largest number of domain names registered under them after GoDaddy. Enom Inc. sells domains name via Namecheap.

Total Number of Domain Names Handled: 10,013,214

Market Share: 8.526%


Tucows is a wholesaler of domain names and other Internet services to ISPs and web hosting companies worldwide. They do not sell domain names directly to consumers. Tucows sells domains through their affiliate sites such as DomainDirect.

Total Number of Domain Names Handled: 7,799,780

Market Share: 6.641%


Network Solutions is the fourth largest ICANN accredited domain name registrar. They offer complete domain name related solutions.

Total Number of Domain Names Under Them: 6,337,441

Market Share: 5.396%


Schlund + Partner registers domain names for 1&1 Internet. They are a German internet company.  Schlund + Partner is the leading registrar in Europe with over 5 million registered domain names. Schlund + Partner is part of United Internet AG.

Total Number of Domain Names Under Them: 5,055,664

Market Share: 4.305%


Melbourne IT can register domain names in many different name spaces including .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .mobi, .us,,,,, .eu,, .asia, .nz and many other spaces.

Total Number of Domain Names Under Them: 4,221,455

Market Share: 3.594%

Wild West Domains:

Wild West Domains was named Best Domain Reseller Opportunity by Hosting World Magazine. They also offer a great package for interested resellers.

Total Number of Domain Names Handled: 3,288,666

Market Share: 2.800%


Moniker is the eighth largest domain name registrar at the moment. Moniker can help you find the right domain name – even if it’s already registered. It is exremely trusted.They also provide a domain auctioning and domain brokerage feature, which is a novelty.

Total Number of Domain Names Handled: 2,829,052

Market Share: 2.409%


This is an Indian domain name registrar. They are very popular for their super-competitive pricing. This also allows re-sellers to rake in higher profits.

Total Number of Domain Names Handled: 2,567,849

Market Share: 2.186%


This domain name registrar stands in the 10th position of the top 10 domain name registrar list. They have a strong 24/7 support system, although, the prices may not be very competitive.

Total Number of Domain Names Handled: 2,389,775

Market Share: 2.035%

And this is a personal favorite…


Namecheap is a great place to buy domain names. They mantain good prices, 24/7 Live Support and a Free WhoIsGuard for the first year on all new domain registrations.

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Hope you find this post useful in finding a good domain name seller. The list above features the top domain registrars that are currently there. And most of the names above accept payment via Paypal, so you can pay safely without hassles. If you have any other suggestions, let me know below.

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Blogging Tips

Investing In Domain Names

I have bought a brand new domain and I intend to develop it soon. The domain is: – this is an extremely keyword rich domain. In fact, I was surprised when I saw that it was available. It is a beautiful domain name that has keywords like FIFA and WC. FIFA is the World’s richest sports body and WC is for the World Cup, the most popular tournament in the whole world.

The only thing that worried me was that the next World Cup is in 2014, so I have a minimum of another 3 years to go before the searches related to this niche hit an all time high. Well, at least I have lots of time.

Since, I plan to develop this domain I have also looked into possible monetization potential in the niche. Which I have found plenty, mainly through CommissionJunction ( and Amazon. Both of them offer a great deal of affiliates which I can sell related to football.

When I told my friend I had bought this domain, he said I was “out of my mind” – the next World Cup seemed eons away and a lot happens in four years. He called it a wasted investment. But within my own mind, I know that this could indeed be one of the best investments I have made provided I see the opportunities.

I hope things work out, only time will tell.