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Where to Get Start-Up Funds for a Home Business

In today’s economy, people are always looking for ways to supplement their income. Starting a home-based business is one way to do that. In fact, if you play your cards right you may even be able to turn it into a full time job and ditch the commute. Of course, starting a business requires cash, which can be hard to ... Read More »

How Can An Entrepreneur Overcome Mediocrity?

It is frustrating for entrepreneurs to remain mediocre in their fields. With competition in the business world on an over-drive and with more and more players in every industry, it has become important to be excellent and stand out. The reason for mediocrity in most people is that they are lazy or too unmotivated to give in extra work. In ... Read More »

How Can Entrepreneurs Leverage LinkedIn For Business Opportunities?

Many traditional entrepreneurs find social media to be a nightmare. But against popular myth, LinkedIn really does not require you to be social media maverick to optimize its full potential. LinkedIn is a valuable service that allows entrepreneurs to connect with other peers in their field, find potential employees and make contacts with your customers. This post will let you ... Read More »

The Top 10 Inspiring Entrepreneur Books


The list of top 10 inspiring entrepreneur books. Books are food for the soul and an entrepreneur needs to be careful what he feeds his soul. Here are a list of timeless classics and best-selling books that people across the world have found useful to motivate themselves and grow as entrepreneurs. Best Entrepreneur Books How To Get From Where You ... Read More »

The Value Of Creativity In Entrepreneurship

Creativity is the driving force behind most people who have been entrepreneurial successful. It is a term with which all of us are familiar with, yet, it remains a concept that most people are not fully aware of. The value of creativity in entrepreneurship remains a concept which has not been explored at much depth. Creativity has the potential to ... Read More »

Three Types Of Startup Ideas

For an entrepreneur, coming up with a startup idea is rather personal process. I have done some research and here are the three types of startup ideas that exist. There are three main types of startup ideas: Trophy idea Borrowed Ideas Renovation Each of these ideas can lower or increase your risk level. We will go ahead and discuss each ... Read More »

List Of Successful Indian Entrepreneurs Blogs

This post has a list of top Indian entrepreneurs blogs. These entrepreneurs have been blogging for a long time and their blogs are archives of a great deal of knowledge. They are successful entrepreneurs with a passion towards start-ups and businesses. Related Post: Top Indian Internet Entrepreneurs Om Malik: Om Malik runs a blog linking the world’s leading technology innovators ... Read More »