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Top 7 Travel Destinations for Entrepreneurs

entrepreneur travel destination

One of the perks of being an entrepreneur is that you’re your own boss.  We present top travel destinations for entrepreneurs. You, and only you, are responsible for making sure things get done. One of the perks of owning your own business is that you get to travel extensively, if you want to. Sometimes you have to travel for business ... Read More »

Why Are Celebrities Wealthy?

If you took this question on its face value, then you have got a wrong idea about the article. Why are celebrities wealthy? It might seem a stupid question. Frankly, its not. Sure, they are wealthy because they get paid very highly for it. But the real question is, why are the celebrities paid so much? There are so many things ... Read More »

The Big Deal About Being “Connected”!

If you have been brought up in a third-world country like India, you would be surprised about a lot of things. One of the main things you would constantly watch and twitch about would be the power of “connected” people. If you are in a bar fight with a “connected” guy, then you better save your ass and get the ... Read More »

5 Tips To Name A Startup: To Create A Brand Online

Startups, whether internet based or not need a name. This is where this post will come in handy for you. Choosing a great name for your startup which will help you with online presence is an uphill task. Entrepreneurs should focus on choosing such a name for their startup that can help them brand easily on the web. You cannot ... Read More »

Are Females Better Entrepreneurs Than Men?

Who is better of the two sexes? This will be a never ending battle till the end of time. In this post, CollegeFallOut examines, are females better entrepreneurs than men. Entrepreneurship is a field which needs an array of skill sets. And when we examine gender-wise, each of them has their own plus and minus points. Women meet the needs ... Read More »