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MySpace Surrenders To Facebook With Partnership Agreement

Myspace has virtually surrendered to Facebook with a partnership agreement. The partnership terms are quite clearly the last thing that Myspace should have signed up for. But the internet business is a weird world, try the Myspace-Facebook partnership sounds more like a joint party thrown by Manchester City and Manchester United – in other words,… Read More »

5 Tips To Name A Startup: To Create A Brand Online

Startups, whether internet based or not need a name. This is where this post will come in handy for you. Choosing a great name for your startup which will help you with online presence is an uphill task. Entrepreneurs should focus on choosing such a name for their startup that can help them brand easily… Read More »

Is Social Media Marketing Becoming A Nightmare For Traditional Entrepreneurs?

Mark Zuckerberg has truly made it to the top of the hate list of many traditional entrepreneurs. Just as they were coming to terms with the wave to take their business online, help remedy Zuckerberg hits them with Facebook. And all of a sudden the social media scene becomes an unavoidable aspect of entrepreneurship. I… Read More »