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Facebook Recruits IIT Student With Rs 70 Lakh Job Offer

Annual campus recruitment programs in the IITs – the premier educational institute of India got a big bump when Facebook offered one of its students a Rs 70 Lakh job offer. The student in question, who gives his name as DKS — he is to graduate from the school of computer science and engineering at IIT-Kharagpur in 2011 and doesn’t ... Read More »

MySpace Surrenders To Facebook With Partnership Agreement

Myspace has virtually surrendered to Facebook with a partnership agreement. The partnership terms are quite clearly the last thing that Myspace should have signed up for. But the internet business is a weird world, the Myspace-Facebook partnership sounds more like a joint party thrown by Manchester City and Manchester United – in other words, extremely improbable. Myspace and Facebook have ... Read More »

What Is Pre-Angel Funding?

If you ever plan to begin a business, you will realize the desperate need for funds right from Day one. You need the initial cash to setup the basic requirements for your startup.  This is where pre-angel funding comes into play. Before I get into the concept of pre-angel funding let me talk Angel Funding. Angel funding is also known ... Read More »

5 Tips To Name A Startup: To Create A Brand Online

Startups, whether internet based or not need a name. This is where this post will come in handy for you. Choosing a great name for your startup which will help you with online presence is an uphill task. Entrepreneurs should focus on choosing such a name for their startup that can help them brand easily on the web. You cannot ... Read More »

Facebook Movie: A Poor Tribute To Mark Zuckerberg

The Social Network is dubbed as the “Facebook” movie is a film about the finding of Facebook and about its smug founder Mark Zuckerberg. The movie charts the history of the website from its launch by Mark Zuckerberg and his best friend at Harvard University. It goes on to track the legal battle between Zuckerberg and his friend and three ... Read More »

List Of 8 Social Media That Cannot Be Ignored by Bloggers

Social Media is the latest buzz to create traffic to one’s blog or website and indeed, many have shown that it can be a successful model for good amount of traffic. However, what we don’t know is that which of the social media’s are those that cannot be ignored. While some social sites can be ignored or neglected. If you ... Read More »