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Google Announces Major “Algorithm Improvement”

Today, Google announced that it had made a “big algorithmic improvement” that, unlike other changes, could be noticeable to its users. Usually, any algorithm changes made by this search engine giant go unnoticed by most netizens. However, this time Google has launched a pretty big algorithmic improvement to their ranking–a change that noticeably impacts 11.8% of its queries. This announcement was made ... Read More »

Interesting Incidents In The Internet World In 2010

There are many interesting, surprising and bizarre incidents that took place in the lives of our celebrated internet entrepreneurs and internet companies. This post is a quick compilation of interesting incidents in 2010 related to internet entrepreneurs. Kanye West Performs At Twitter Headquarters This one takes the cake away for being among the most amusing things that happened in 2010. ... Read More »

What Is Pre-Angel Funding?

If you ever plan to begin a business, you will realize the desperate need for funds right from Day one. You need the initial cash to setup the basic requirements for your startup.  This is where pre-angel funding comes into play. Before I get into the concept of pre-angel funding let me talk Angel Funding. Angel funding is also known ... Read More »

Google Waves Goodbye To Wave

Google is waving good bye to Google Wave which was dubbed as the next generation messenger. Collegefallout had covered about this revolutionary product which Google claimed would transform the way people communicate online. You can read the earlier post on Google Wave here. Google has stopped the Google Wave service due to lack of users. When Google Wave was launched ... Read More »

Top 3 Dangerous Back Linking Mistakes

Link building is an important step for your SEO campaign. But it is important that you do not make a few dangerous mistakes while building links as it can cost you the site’s reputation in the eyes of search engines. A few link building mistakes can cause your site to be banned by search engines or get penalized in your ... Read More »

15 Days Notice To Google, Skype and RIM Or Face Ban : Govt. Of India

The Indian Government has issued a 15-days notice to Google, Skype and RIM (BlackBerry) over making their data readable. The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) of Government has issued a notice stating that these internet companies should make all their data available to the security agencies and the format should be readable. This deadline comes from the DoT to improve the ... Read More »

Google and it’s April Fools Day Prank

Google did a pretty interesting April Fools Day  prank today. Google stated in its official blog that the mayor of a city named Topeka, Kansas had changed the name of the city to ‘Google’. And Google stated that in order to return the “moving” gesture Google had changed its name to Topeka. “Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google Topeka also ... Read More »