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5 Tips To Become Awesome At Guest Blogging

We have started to see guest posting as a primary way for bloggers to build their profile, traffic and generate some authority with Google. I just covered the benefits of guest blogging in my last article. It listed the 10 benefits of guest blogging, some points are well known, but I have also covered some not-so-well-know benefits of guest posting in that article.

After you understand the real benefits of what guest blogging can do for you and your blog, I think it is time for you to now understand on how to become awesome at guest blogging. Guest blogging is a whole different ball game than posting on your blog. Not really different, but not the same either.

Here are tips to become awesome at guest blogging:

Always Give Your Best Work

Many bloggers try to get their crappy posts to be published as a guest post. Because some people do the guest posting and then end up feeling like, “Dang I just gave them my best stuff!”. They have regrets that they should have used such a good post on their own blog. This is not a good way to think. The best way to becoming an effective and exceptional guest blogger is by always giving your best work.

If you are especially hoping to see your post published on major blogs then there is no way that you can send in a sub-standard article. Most high pagerank blogs are flooded with many guest posts from other bloggers, so you need to ensure that your article stands out among the crowd.

Which is why you should always take your time to do your research and provide as much as depth possible in a guest post.

Link to Other Posts on the Blog

Internal linking is a great SEO technique. Apart from this, I have seen that linking to other posts on the blog where you guest post creates a killer impression about the author. It really boosts the chances of seeing your article published. There are a lot of things that internally linking within your guest posts to older posts on the blog can do:

  • It boosts the SEO of the blog you are submitting to
  • It helps to increase page views to the older articles which you have linked back to
  • Readers will find you a person who does his research (because it shows that you have looked through the archives), it is a great reputation to have if you are a blogger

Do Effective SEO of Your Post

Make sure that your article has a little work done about it’s on-page SEO. There are several ways that you can search engine optimize a blog post, in fact here is a post I have covered solely on that topic: 7 Killer Ways To SEO a  Blog Post. This post discusses some interesting techniques to rank an article higher on Google. Some new concepts such as Keyword Pyramids are discussed in the article. So be sure to go through it.

Effectively SEO your guest post, as the benefits will be flowing to you as well. In terms of SEO juice as well as the traffic perspective. Take the time out to understand how to SEO an article.

Promote The Post Once It is Published

This is one thing that differentiates between the mediocre guest bloggers from the exceptional one’s. Here are 3 quick ways to promote a guest post:

  • Share the guest post on your Facebook wall
  • Tweet the guest post on Twitter periodically
  • Mention about the guest post on your own blog with subtlety (perhaps as a link at the end of your recent article)
  • Submit to sites such as Digg, Reddit etc.

When you promote a guest post, it is not only for the receivers benefit, it is you as well who benefits from the promotion. Here are some benefits that you get when you promote a guest post:

  • It is impressive when people see that you have been published in other places as well. The more popular the blog, the more it helps your own popularity within the network.
  • There are SEO benefits to the guest post published when you promote it. It is something that will flow back to you as well.
  • It helps you forge a strong rapport with the blogger who accepts your guest post because free promotion is something that every blogger will be grateful for!

Interact with the Comments On Your Post

The true impact of your guest post will not be only the SEO benefits, instead the opportunity that you gain to interact with a new audience pool that is dedicated to the blog where you submit your guest post. Also, it leaves a really poor impression when you do not respond to the commentators to a guest post. Because most commentators directly address the author of a guest post.

Interacting with the comments on your guest post is a great way to build rapport and popularity among a new set of audience. Most of them could end up becoming your new readers.

It is totally up to a guest poster to make the most out of a guest post. There are thousands of bloggers who guest post, but only a handful who actually take away as much as they give. I sincerely hope that these tips help you get very good at guest blogging. You can use this list to get started with guest posting on high pagerank blog: Guest post blogs.

Blogging Tips

4 Practical Tips to Find Guest Bloggers for Your Blog

Every blogger eventually begins to understand that guest posting is the in-thing! It is cool, hip and it gets you back links from good sites with a high Page rank in return for a post.  There can be whole new post that lists out the advantages of guest posting. But for now, in this post, we will focus on how as a blogger you can get more guest post writers to your blog.

Get Your Blog Listed

I cannot imagine any blog on “blogging tips” that would not have an article on the list of blog to guest post. These lists usually list out a number of blogs categorized by Page rank where an interested blogger can guest post on. And most of the writers who have written these articles are looking to expand their list. So you can point out to them that your blog is open for guest posting and has a “n” page rank. Most bloggers would willing include you. Else, you can always leave a comment in the comments section where you can mention that your blog accepts guest posts as well.

Invite other bloggers

This method to get guest bloggers is pretty much about common sense. You can always approach bloggers who guest post a lot and ask them to guest post on your blog. It is all about pitching your blog well in the email or contact form of the person you are contacting. You can include your subscription numbers, traffic stats etc. Basically, whatever it would take to get a blogger interested in writing for your blog.

And yes, I almost forgot to mention, when you do this – it really helps to have a good Page rank.

Use MyBlogGuest

Ann Smarty runs this forum. You see, her name suggests she is smart. At the MyBlogGuest forum one can submit a topic on which you are looking for guest bloggers for your blog. You should also include the details/rules about guest blogging on your blog. It is a very popular forum and many bloggers who want to guest post usually go through this forum to find guest posting opportunities. Putting up your blog there can help you get more guest bloggers for your blog.

Make It Easy for Guest Posters

This is perhaps the most important part. I hate blogs where I need to first send in Guest post request to the blog owner whether I can guest post or not. Then he/she would reply to me with a gargantuan list of rules on guest posting on their blog. It really sucks and I personally would not guest post on any blog that would get me that tired. In case of this blog, we makes it really simple for guest posters – no need to ask first, just submit your article directly. Frankly, it was one of the main reasons why I suggest you chose this blog over many others for a guest post!

Hope you got a lot out of this post. Do let me know your views below on this. Thanks!

At the same time, if you are looking to guest post on other blogs, here is the list that I have compiled: List of Top Blog To Guest Post.

Blogging Tips

5 Tips To Find More Blogs For Submitting Your Guest Posts

There are lots of ways we can generate quality backlinks for our websites. But some of popular methods for building quality backlinks are article submission, do follow blog commenting, discussion forums, social media submission etc. But my favorite method for building links, traffic and branding for a website is using guest blogging method. You can get some links from a top blog in your niche by contributing a guest post for them only. This is the easiest method we can get in touch with the most popular blogs in your industry. In today’s article, I’m going to discuss top 5 tips can use to find more blogs for submitting their guest posts:

1. Other Blogs in Your Niche

Create a list of top blogs in your niche and contact their blog intension of submitting some guest posts on their blogs. When you approach other bloggers in your niche, most of them will respond in a positive fashion.

2. Blogs Having Submit Posts Section

Make search on Google with the keywords related to guest blogging like guest post, submit guest post, post submission, write for us etc and get in touch with the owner of those blogs to find more potential blogs for guest blogging. Here is a list of 50 blogs that allows Guest Blogging with their page rank, Alexa Rankings and guest post submission guidelines etc.

3. Be Part of Guest Blogging Contests

Be a Part of Guest Blogging Contest run by other blogs in your niche. I himself have been running a Guest Blogging Contest on my Scopeformoney blog where you can submit your guest posts. You can win some quick cash or other freebies with regular guest blogging benefits with contests created around guest blogging.

4. Using Discussion Forums

Create threads on discussion forums created around SEO and Blogging community showing your interest in contributing guest posts on other blogs in your niche. You should also reply to already created threads by other bloggers in your industry where they are inviting other bloggers for sharing quality guest posts.

5. Using Social Media Networks

We can serve the purpose of networking with fellow bloggers by being active on Social Media Networking websites like Twitter and Facebook. And once have established connection with fellow bloggers; ask them will they allow you submit your posts on their respective blogs.

Are you using any of these methods for finding blogs for contributing guest post or you have some other resources that I missed, please share in the comments section below.

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