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Guerrilla Marketing For Internet Entrepreneurs

The term “guerrilla marketing” became a rage in the 1980s, defining it as an approach for “achieving conventional goals, such as profits and joy, with unconventional methods, such as investing energy instead of money.” Almost instantly, small business owners became the adopters of this marketing style that thrived in low costs and higher investment on energy and tactics to grow ... Read More »

3 Ways Twitter Can Help Your Internet Business

Twitter is an asset to internet business. In any business there are three important parts – customers, your company and its competition. Twitter as a social media, can help you in all of these three aspects. It can help you update yourself on your competition, what your clients are talking about you and in your brand management. Here is a ... Read More »

Top 10 Business Blogging Tips

Business blogging does not follow the same rules of personal blogging or blogging for money. These 10 tips for business blogging (different from the usual!) will help you create a great blog for your company website. There is also an article, if you want to view examples of some awesome business blogs. Here are the top 10 business blogging tips: ... Read More »

10 Ways To Grow Your Internet Business Credibility

Business credibility is something that has always been very important on the internet. If you plan to reach out to your audience and turn them into loyal followers then credibility is a must. As in the real world, the presentation of your business is the point of paramount importance. You will see here in the following points that most of ... Read More »

Launched My First Startup – FizzEdge

Hi friends, I am sure you have all heard me talk about entrepreneurship on the internet. Now I felt it is time to show you some practical experience. I just launched an internet startup – FizzEdge. Currently, I have not registered this internet company. On this blog I will share all my problems and progress that I made with my ... Read More »

How To Win The Trust Of Customers For Your Internet Business?

In an internet business, it is not a human based interaction. It is difficult to win the trust of your customers for an internet business. Most people rely on conversations, body language and other nuances of inter-personal interaction to guage the sincerity of another person. Unfortunately, no matter how sincere you may be – it has to come off on ... Read More »

Please Don’t Market Your Internet Business Like This

If you are one among the brave souls who have taken on the tag of an entrepreneur to begin a venture on the internet then this post is for you. Because like all internet entrepreneurs, you will come to meet the truth in the end – Marketing your internet business is way more important that what your internet business is ... Read More »