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The Top 5 eCommerce Internet Startup Mistakes

eCommerce startups are very popular on the internet. This is because people are quickly finding that buying stuff online is much more time-efficient and cost-efficient. Internet entrepreneurs understand this fact and all want to milk this opportunity. Hence, we see so many eCommerce startups mushrooming daily on the net. In this post I discuss the top 5 eCommerce startup mistakes ... Read More »

Why Should Internet Entrepreneurs Sponsor A Contest?

Many bloggers have started creating a lot of blog contest that offer cash money or prize kits to their components. This is a gold mine for internet entrepreneurs to maximize their branding potential of their blog or company. Here are few reasons why you as an internet entrepreneur should sponsor a contest: Links To Your Blog Links are SEO fuel. ... Read More »

Facebook Movie: A Poor Tribute To Mark Zuckerberg

The Social Network is dubbed as the “Facebook” movie is a film about the finding of Facebook and about its smug founder Mark Zuckerberg. The movie charts the history of the website from its launch by Mark Zuckerberg and his best friend at Harvard University. It goes on to track the legal battle between Zuckerberg and his friend and three ... Read More »

Interview With Twitter CEO Evan Williams (Internet Entrepreneur)

I am a couple of months late to get this interview with internet entrepreneur Evan Williams with everyone. But I just found this transcript from the Indian news site – NDTV-India. Evan Williams is the founder and CEO of the one of the largest social media platforms – Twitter. He was already mentioned in one of our earlier posts – ... Read More »

Latest Venture Rdio by Internet Entrepreneur Janus Friis

Janus Friis is a Danish internet entrepreneur. If you have heard his name or you know him, then it may be because of Skype, KaZaA or Joost. Skype is the most popular telephony application on the internet today. It allows people at two corners of the world to talk and see each other on their computer screens absoultely free of ... Read More »

5 Reasons To Start An Internet Business In College Now

This post tells you 5 reasons why you need to start an internet business while in college. If you are someone who has an entrepreneurial bent of mind then this is the post for you. This post focuses mainly on college students however, I am sure that everyone has a little to learn from this post. Famous internet entrepreneurs like ... Read More »

The “No Leakage” Rule

The No Leakage rule was introduced by the young internet entrepreneur Michael Dunlop. This rule basically entails you getting rid of any advertisements or sponsor banners on your blog. Michael Dunlop claims that banners and third-party ads are basically the leaks of your blog. A visitor who comes to your blog can be turned into a very profitable customer if ... Read More »