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5 Surefire Ways to Get Audited by the IRS

You’re an honest entrepreneur. You run your small business with integrity; you don’t cheat your customers, and you go the extra mile to make sure they’re satisfied. You keep meticulous records, and you work with a qualified accountant and tax professional to make sure you’ve got all of your business’ tax records properly organized and identified. Yet, even with all ... Read More »

Internet Entrepreneurs Strip Nude For Charity Calendar

This post is late by little over a year. But when I make such amazing finds on the internet, it really does not matter. 24 London internet entrepreneurs have bared all for a charity calendar. The hot photos in this calendar were taken to break the notion of internet entrepreneurs as being “unattractive geeks”. Once you take a look at ... Read More »

List Of Successful Indian Entrepreneurs Blogs

This post has a list of top Indian entrepreneurs blogs. These entrepreneurs have been blogging for a long time and their blogs are archives of a great deal of knowledge. They are successful entrepreneurs with a passion towards start-ups and businesses. Related Post: Top Indian Internet Entrepreneurs Om Malik: Om Malik runs a blog linking the world’s leading technology innovators ... Read More »

Is Lifestyle A Motivation For Internet Entrepreneurs?

All of us heard of the Cinderella story that most “internet gurus” try to reflect. Plenty of people will tell you that being able to work location independent is a great advantage. The sheer off-the-grid lifestyle that they project can become quite a big motivation for many. But, the fact is. Most of the internet lifestyle guru’s will never tell ... Read More »

Internet Entrepreneurs: How Fast Is Your Company Website?

For internet entrepreneurs, there is nothing more important than their website or the company website. It is very important that one particular aspect is given special consideration i.e.  speed! Speed is important not only from the SEO perspective but also because it might get you more customers. So internet entrepreneurs really need to worry about their site speed, I have ... Read More »

Top 8 Indian Internet Entrepreneurs


Here you go guys, the top 8 Indian internet entrepreneurs who are creating waves online. The list that everyone was waiting for from CollegeFallOut is finally available to you budding internet entrepreneurs out there. People listed below may not be the richest internet entrepreneurs but they sure are the top most in India currently (2010). Related Post: List Of Successful ... Read More »