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Please Don’t Market Your Internet Business Like This

If you are one among the brave souls who have taken on the tag of an entrepreneur to begin a venture on the internet then this post is for you. Because like all internet entrepreneurs, you will come to meet the truth in the end – Marketing your internet business is way more important that what your internet business is ... Read More »

The Biggest Challenge Faced by Internet Entrepreneurs

It is an interesting trend to watch on the internet these days – there are so many internet startups that are mushrooming daily that it has become difficult to track the rate at which new internet entrepreneurs are entering the World Wide Web. Internet has easily become the most desirable place for business for the opportunistic entrepreneur. The world-wide reach ... Read More »

Is It Time to Humanize Your Twitter Profile?

Is it time that your Twitter profile begins to look like it is updated by a human? I recently wrote a post questioning whether Twitter remains a Social Network in the true sense or has it become an internet marketing platform for most of us. We all have many followers but of which only a very little portion may know ... Read More »

Can Twitter be Called A Real Social Network Anymore?

Twitter was launched with the intention of providing its users a quick update of their personal lives to each other. Basically, Twitter aimed at becoming the quick solution of social networkers who did not have a lot of time to spend on exhaustive social networks like Facebook, Orkut etc. It was a practical solution to the concept behind social networks. ... Read More »

How to Make Money Online Through Selling E-Books?

E-books are part of the modern digital and computer based age where almost anything is getting digitized and thus easily made accessible to thousands of people online just at the click of a button. Many of these digital products are not free and are sold just like their hardcopy counterparts. However, since the digital version hardly has any cost of ... Read More »

A Crash Course on How to Advertise

How to advertise and market yourself as bloggers is an important question. But before we get there, we should see what are the best ads which the world has to offer. These ads are so effective that you would be compelled to be sold out. Here are some awesome ads: Can you market your affiliate products and your website this ... Read More »