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Please Don’t Market Your Internet Business Like This

If you are one among the brave souls who have taken on the tag of an entrepreneur to begin a venture on the internet then this post is for you. Because like all internet entrepreneurs, you will come to meet the truth in the end – Marketing your internet business is way more important that what your internet business is all about. There are so many startups on the internet but many fail because of a stupid system of marketing their business or company.

In todays post I would like to share with you some points which will be very very helpful to you when you market your business. Here are a few mistakes most internet entrepreneurs make while marketing themselves onlines:

Spending Money on Public Relations

Spending money on Public Relations!!? Does your month-old startup really require a public relation campaign. There are many PR campaigns that are initiated by startups like booking bill boards, getting published on authority newspapapers like WSJ or Business Standard etc. Many startups try to emulate PR campaigns started by companies like Pepsi, Adidas, Sanyo and so on.

Unfortunately, many fail to realize that PR campaigns like these are more important for these big corporates because they need branding, their business is quite strongly established. These expensive PR campaigns with articles on magazines and newspapers are targeted at creating a distinguished brand for themselves. Whereas, a startup requires business, branding will come eventually! So don’t waste your money here.

Buzz All Over the Place

I would love to give a very effective hypothetical example here. Suppose you begin an internet business that sells gardening tools and accessories. Then a “bright” (ahem!) idea strikes you – you think that Gizmodo and TechCrunch are among the most popular blogs on the planet why don’t you pay them hundreds of dollar for a review or an ad spot. Then you will be rolling in the dough. Wrong Move!

If your company sells gardening tools promote it on the top gardening sites on the internet – not the top gadget or technology sites. I can guarantee your customers will be much more from the low traffic gardening sites than the monster-traffic technology sites. Don’t put your company all over the place, know where to generate the buzz and you will save a lot of money.

A Note About The Viral Content You Have Written for Your Company Blog

Writing great viral content is a super way to pull in targeted readers who will be interested in your service or product. But make sure your content is related to your internet business. Many startups screw up on this point, their high-traffic articles are hardly oriented towards their area of business. So almost negligible visitors would actually consider turning into customers in such cases.


It is a tricky game, marketing your internet business. But the intelligent move is to think whether the places where you are creating buzz is right or not. Marketing money is precious, it can make the world of a difference between the success and failure of your internet business.


The Biggest Challenge Faced by Internet Entrepreneurs

It is an interesting trend to watch on the internet these days – there are so many internet startups that are mushrooming daily that it has become difficult to track the rate at which new internet entrepreneurs are entering the World Wide Web.

Internet has easily become the most desirable place for business for the opportunistic entrepreneur. The world-wide reach given by the internet and relatively low cost of starting up have become attractive parts of the online business. Even businesses that are thriving in the offline world are creating their presence on the internet.

However, the challenges faced by internet entrepreneurs are totally different than from the entrepreneurs who make their business offline. This requires an internet entrepreneur to have a distinct set of skills to adapt to the challenges online.

One of the biggest challenges that are faced by internet entrepreneurs is the rate at which obsolescence occurs online. Internet is such a rapidly evolving and competitive environment that technology, software, social media and opportunities can be at an all time high in one moment and be totally forgotten the next day.

This requires the internet entrepreneur to learn quickly and unlearn even faster. Staying in the comfort zone can be perhaps the most fatal mistake that he can make. For example, earlier the promotional methods for a conventional internet marketing agency included paid reviews, buying advertisement and maybe a few press releases. Hardly did anyone imagine the advent of the powerful social media. Twitter so quickly took grasp of the social media marketing that many quick and smart internet marketers were able to boost their online income 100%. At the same time, many internet marketers who failed to realize the fact that Twitter had taken over the internet marketing techniques with a storm – lost a lot of customers to the new breed of fast learning and quick-to-act internet marketers. Suddenly, they realized with a jolt that old marketing techniques are just not good enough any more. What happened was that, many failed to adapt to the pace of development and shift of power to Social Medias.

Perhaps, the latest rage is the Facebook fan page – small blogs to big corporate are all taking their brand online to Facebook. This can be considered another challenge for many internet entrepreneurs to keep up with the rate at which the internet grows. Becoming an internet entrepreneur is lucrative – but it requires a whole new level of crazy acclimatization to the pace of development online.

What are your thoughts on this? Let me and the readers know below.


Is It Time to Humanize Your Twitter Profile?

Is it time that your Twitter profile begins to look like it is updated by a human? I recently wrote a post questioning whether Twitter remains a Social Network in the true sense or has it become an internet marketing platform for most of us.

Even Super-Heroes are Human. Why Not You?
Even Super-Heroes are Human. Why Not You?

We all have many followers but of which only a very little portion may know you as a normal, live human being. Trust me for most of your followers, you are nothing more than a blogging machine who keeps posting to links to your blog and other related content. Where is the human element? Where is the ‘real’ social networking which you are supposed to do?

Of course, it is not a sin to market your business on Twitter – it is each one’s personal choice. Because we have followers because they are interested in what we write, right? Yes right – but only to an extent. Did you ever realize how much you can boost the click-through rates of your Twitter updates if you just had a better connection with your followers?

And what should you do to achieve a better connection with your readers? The answer is get personal. Many many internet marketers and bloggers on Twitter simply seem to forget the fact that there are humans following them who would also like an interesting update on what’s happening in the life of such a busy blogger or internet marketer.

Suppose you come across a really interesting food item in the menu of a classy restaurant you ate last night or any incident that a person will enjoy, you can share it with your followers. In fact, even normal updates like – “Just brought myself an awesome new pair of jeans!” will do the trick. The point is to let the followers know you are not all about geeky technology and posting on Twitter. A rocking life out side of internet will only do you good.

Remember, your Twitter profile is not your blog, so it is okay to stray from your niche once in a while.

The purpose of this is to humanize your Twitter profile and improve your image in the eyes of your followers. If you make a quick update about what is really happening in your life your followers won’t mind – they would in fact take it is a welcome break from all that link tweeting that you do. Personally, I feel tweeting about other stuff than your links will help you connect with readers personally which can go a long way in developing trust and improving click-throughs, especially if you are selling affiliate products and such.

Please leave your thoughts on this below.