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15 Days Notice To Google, Skype and RIM Or Face Ban : Govt. Of India

The Indian Government has issued a 15-days notice to Google, Skype and RIM (BlackBerry) over making their data readable. The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) of Government has issued a notice stating that these internet companies should make all their data available to the security agencies and the format should be readable. This deadline comes from the DoT to improve the ... Read More »

Google Bans White Teeth, Flat Stomach Advertisers

If you browse the internet a lot, then you may have seen a lot of ads invading ad slots that promise stunning sparkling teeth and a super-flat abdomen – Not Any More. Google has stuck to its Do No Evil policy and banned all advertisers who violate Google’s Terms and Conditions to display such ads on the biggest advertising network ... Read More »

Entering the Age of Cyber Warfare

One of the world’s biggest internet security firm McAfee has claimed that Cyber warfare between nations has become a reality with time progressing. Soon we will see geeky hackers fighting alongside muscular ground troops. Many nations have begun to arm themselves in order to defend a possible Cyber war and also readying forces to conduct their own attacks. Real wars ... Read More »

Gizmodo Advertisements Launch Scareware on Internet

The popular technology blog Gizmodo has ended up landing its techno-geek visitors in a grave internet security threat. Gizmodo is a blog that updates on the latest must-have gadgets on the scene. It is extremely popular with more than 3.1 million page views per day. It seems that one of the advertisements delivered on the sidebar of this blog were ... Read More »