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5 Ways To Remove Garbage From Your Life

In an earlier post I wrote about 5 ways to clean up a cluttered a blog, and now it is time to take the trash out of your life. Having a cluttered and unorganized environment around you can create a lot of stress and drastically reduce your work efficiency. For which I will write a post on ways to clean up your ... Read More »

A Life With Regrets Or Something Better?

College is drawing to close. It has been a crazy four years of engineering education. Undoubtedly, in the four years of college life I have had my share of joy, excitement, heartbreaks and frustration. That is what makes it memorable. All that drawing to a close now, most of my friends and batch mates are placed in prestigious companies and ... Read More »

Why Should You Focus On Retiring Young?

Retiring young is the number one reason most people choose to be entrepreneurs. In my own case, I would love to retire as early as possible. Unfortunately, retiring early also means that you need to be financially free. Because there is no point in retiring early and then having no money for the basic needs of life. “I look forward ... Read More »

First, Become The CEO Of Your Own Life

All entrepreneurs aspire to become CEOs running their own companies with hundreds of employees under them. Its a great dream and it is indeed worth going after. Especially in this economy that is becoming more and more entrepreneur-friendly. We saw how the recession caused the mushrooming of so many entrepreneurs who otherwise would not have explored the entrepreneurial side in ... Read More »