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5 Ways To Remove Garbage From Your Life

In an earlier post I wrote about 5 ways to clean up a cluttered a blog, and now it is time to take the trash out of your life. Having a cluttered and unorganized environment around you can create a lot of stress and drastically reduce your work efficiency. For which I will write a post on ways to clean up your work place.

But it is also really important to clean up your own life. Your life can become filled with a lot of anxieties, emotional baggage and overwhelming responsibilities. This is where  it becomes important and a time comes for everyone to clear the garbage and organize chaos in one’s own life after a certain point.

Here is how you can do it:

Reduce your commitments

Don’t take up more job than you can handle. And even if you can handle all the job, then leave some buffer space. If you fill your plate to the full – it becomes very easy for you to plunge into chaos and end up in creating a mess in your life. Always keep your commitments to a minimal and take jobs that you know are comfortable for you to complete or tackle in the set timeline.


Because, commitments can range from family, friends, religious home, office and your own – this is very prioritizing becomes important. However, prioritizing need not only be an activity to control your commitments, but it is also a very important cleaning exercise to remove things that you just do not require in your life at all. Prioritizing can mean, you either think its important to meet that family relative on your only Sunday or you want to just kick back a catch a movie. Its your priority in such cases and you don’t need to always put people first. Rescheduling meetings depending on their importance level is a skill that will serve you well.

Learn how to say no

One of the biggest and the most effective ways to remove junk from your life is to just start saying no. It may be your commitments or jobs that someone may have asked you to do. Just say no to those you can and you will find that most of your time is freed up. Also, having a pending job creates a psychological feeling of always  unfulfilled work. This is why “no” is important.

Cut down the jabber

You will appreciate how important silence is in your life. And by cutting down the jabber I mean reducing your tweets, your Facebook updates and the copious amounts of time that you may spend on the phone. They are all cluttering up your life because it does not give you a moments time to just think and take life slow for a minute. You are always knowing what other are up to and letting everyone know about you. Well, you might be a social animal but that is no reason for you to go on a relentless stream of endless conversations.

Reorganize routines

Bringing about a change in your routine and mixing things up can prove to be multi-pronged benefit for you. It is always observed that a change in routine does always help you boost your efficiency and it is a let up from the daily drag. At the same time, rearranging your chores might also result in you finding a far more faster way of getting work done that you did earlier.

Letting go…

This is perhaps the most important point for guys who have the habit of carrying the weight of their emotions with them. It may be a past hurt or a recent bruise, letting it go is the only way that you will feel lighter and more comfortable with yourself and your life. No matter how much you may make your life lean and efficient – you wont enjoy it till you lift the emotional weights. Emotional baggage is perhaps the worst sort of irritant before you can really be happy.


A Life With Regrets Or Something Better?

College is drawing to close. It has been a crazy four years of engineering education. Undoubtedly, in the four years of college life I have had my share of joy, excitement, heartbreaks and frustration. That is what makes it memorable. All that drawing to a close now, most of my friends and batch mates are placed in prestigious companies and organizations. Everyone is looking forward to a bright future for themselves. At this point, my mind has shifted into “thought” mode. One of those modes within me, where philosophy and sentiments combine to an epiphany.

The campus is just finishing off with the recruitment season where companies where competing with each other to get the best minds of our college campus. Most of the companies that recruited them are a great places to work, free sodas, good compensation, great health plan, and reasonably good job security.

For the past few weeks, I have been spending quite a lot of time with my close friends who have all been placed and discussing with them about their future plans. It is surprising how many of them want to run their own companies but are still settling for the apparent job security their recruiters offer.

This brought me to a point where I began to reflect, would people’s biggest regret have more to do with what you didn’t do versus what you did do? I would not know your exact answer but I can assure you that people have the biggest regrets when they have not done something. It is always a better thing to give it a shot and see the outcome rather than sitting back and wondering “what if“.

The biggest reason why people refrain from doing what they want is “fear”, they fear about a lot of things. To this, I would like to add a dialog that was presented in the Television series, Scrubs – “I’ve been thinking a lot lately about taking chances. And how it is really all about overcoming your fears. Because the truth is, every time you take a big risk in your life, no matter how it ends up, you are always glad you took it.”

There is a lot of wisdom in the above sentences, regret is usually a personal choice. A person can either choose to regret nothing in his life or do something with his life so that he regrets nothing. The worst case is where you don’t have the spunk to do anything that you have felt like and moreover, regret about.

This brings me back to you – “Would you want a life with regrets or something better?

In the end I would like to conclude with this very thought-provoking quote:

Take chances… a lot of them. Because honestly, no matter where you end up- and with who, it always ends up just the way it should be. Your mistakes make you who you are… you learn and grow with each choice you make. Everything is worth it. say how you feel- always . Be you, and be okay with it. It doesn’t matter what any other person thinks.

I hope you found the post a very thought-provoking piece and something that leaves you wondering about what you really want to do! Let me know what you think below.


Why Should You Focus On Retiring Young?

Retiring young is the number one reason most people choose to be entrepreneurs. In my own case, I would love to retire as early as possible. Unfortunately, retiring early also means that you need to be financially free. Because there is no point in retiring early and then having no money for the basic needs of life.

I look forward to the freedom to find time to do things I’ve always wanted to. I don’t want to leave the company in a wheelchair or in a box.

-Ratan Tata (Chairman, Tata Sons)

I am sure many of you have seen the movieThe Bucket List, starring Morgan Freeman. In the movie, two guys who are about to die write down a list of things that they want to do before dying. Since then, everyone caught on to the rage of creating their own personal bucket lists.

Sadly, though, most bucket lists are works of fiction, written but never manifested.

Jonathan Fields

Most people have a lot of dreams that they want to fulfill. But it is an ambition which most of are never able to complete. Our bucket list becomes fictional. All the things written on them become wildly unreal and impossible.

Focus To Retire Young
Focus To Retire Young

Here are 5 solid reason why you should focus on retiring young and early:

  • So that you do not end up wondering where the years went and why you barely know your kids and partner.
  • So that you do not spend the healthiest years of your life sitting in a cubicle, tackling your boss and colleagues.
  • So that it does not take you until the last breath of your life to realize what is it that is really important to you.
  • So that you don’t die thinking that you never for even once in your life, did the one thing that you really wanted to do.
  • So that you know your life was given to you, to be lived for you and not for a corporate company or only your family.

I hope that this post was insightful for you as well as an urgent call to action to get your life under your control. Let me know your thoughts below.