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The Top 10 Self Development Books for Entrepreneurs

The list of top 10 self-development book for entrepreneurs. Books based on self-improvement help you focus on what is really important for you in life. Entrepreneurship does not necessarily mean only building on your business skills, this is a list of effective self-development books that people around the world have used to improve their quality of life. This is a list of the most popular self-development books that you can read.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey

This book was first published in 1989 and it still sells like hot cakes! (2011) You probably don’t need me to mention this book. Stephen R. Covey’s madly popular book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective is a must read for anyone looking to become a better leader and individual.

The book features seven simple habits focusing on integrity, human dignity etc. to become more effective in all spheres of life.

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

If Stephen Covey published his best-seller in 1989, Dale Carnegie created this top selling self-help book called How to Win Friends and Influence People in 1937. The title of the book is quite self-explanatory. But the information in the book is still as relevant as it was back when it was published. This book focuses on how to improve your human relations via empathy and true attention to others. Thereby helping you become a better parent, better boss or become influential anywhere you interact with others.

And the book is not just plain talking, it is backed up with working life examples.

Awaken The Giant Within by Anthony Robbins

Awake The Giant Within is perhaps among the most sought after book in any self-help section, Anthony Robbins has done a great job to help you implement almost instant changes in life. The book mainly focuses on emotional intelligence technique (one, created by Tony Robbins himself) to improve your health, finance or relationships.

Don’t get put off by the 600 odd pages of this heavy book, it is completely worth your time.

The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale

A classic does not become a classic overnight, it is a pretty heavy word. There are thousands of books on positive thinking so it is very important you pick the best one. And the best book on optimism and living a satisfied life is The Power of Positive Thinking by Dr. Norman Peale. First published in 1952, in the book he offers a system to enrich your life a lead a happy and fulfilling life.

In fact, most modern day self-help books are heavily inspired from self-development classics written by the likes of Peale.

I’m OK, You’re OK by Thomas A. Harris (M.D.)

I’m Ok, You’re OKwas first published in 1967 and it has stayed in the New York Times best seller list for almost two years. Thomas A. Harris was a psychiatrist who praises then new method of Transactional Analysis in psychiatry and how the same TA can be used by ordinary people to deal with issues in their lives. The books title is associated to the content because it talks about the four “life positions” that each individual may take:

  1. I’m Not OK, You’re OK
  2. I’m Not OK, You’re Not OK
  3. I’m OK, You’re Not OK
  4. I’m OK, You’re OK
The life position that you have will affect the way you converse, react and perceive with others/situations. It is a educating book that will help you understand yourself much better than you did before you read this book.

Psycho Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz

Another book on the human mind, this is an amazing book that reveals deep insights and secrets of the human psyche. The author Maxwell Maltz, is a person who had been a plastic surgeon for 20 years and he observed the effect of plastic surgery on his patients. It is a book that will give you loads to ponder about. He talks about fear and the stark though contrast between successful and unsuccessful people. A must read for anyone who is looking for greater understanding of himself and ways of his mind.

Feel the fear and Do it Anyway by Susan Jeffers

Fear is the single most obstacle that stops people from jumping off the bandwagon and do what they really feel like. Much like books on positive thinking, there are many books on tackling fear as well. This is why it is important you read the best book on it and Susan Jeffers has done a great job with Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway.

It deals with doing exactly what you fear to get rid of a particular fear and how important it is to avoid the comfort zone to become successful. And the negative effective that fear has one’s life. Jeffers steers this book using examples from her own life to drive the point home.

The Power of Purpose by Les Brown

Les Brown is a very popular motivational speaker. The book is perhaps one of the best ways a person can use it if he feels bogs down by the rat race and the incessant competition that today’s world offers. You will learn how to find the right job and how to adjust your life to really live your purpose. A must read for those who want to re-focus their life to their true purpose and make things happen.

You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay

This book is a must have on your book shelves, it is seriously awesome as it discusses the impetus of many serious diseases. And how channeled your emotions are to the diseases that you might suffer. For example, if you hold resentment or you cannot forgive someone, that could manifest as a cancer or some other illness. It is an intense and deep read. Louise Hay has done an exemplary job with it.

Who Will Cry When You Die? by Robin Sharma

Robin Sharma is best known for his book – The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. In this book he mentions  101 simple solutions to life’s most complex problems. This book will help you get back your purpose and passion in life and kill the empty feeling. A highly recommended self-help book to entrepreneurs.

Have you read any of these works and how has it influenced your life? Leave a comment below!

Blogging Tips

The 10 Benefits Of Guest Blogging

Guest posts! Everyone talks about it. Let me explain what is guest posting in simple terms: Writing a guest post means that you write an article for another blog. The author of that blog in return adds a short bio and a dofollow link back to your blog within the article. It is a great concept. Guest posting is an awesome way to gain a lot of new exposure and boost SEO for your site. There are a lot of benefits for guest posting. In this post, the 10 benefits of guest blogging are covered in detail.

I have covered a post earlier on reasons why you must guest post. You can read it here: 3 Reasons you must guest post.

Here are the 10 benefits of guest blogging:

Build Backlinks

This is the most obvious benefit that one gets out of guest blogging. The backlinks added in your bio point directly to your blog and are dofollow. If the blog you have published the guest post is having a good Pagerank, then it can do wonders for your SEO campaign. Most blogs also allow you to add an anchor text to the link that you have provided. That is another great advantage of building backlinks from writing guest posts.

Get targeted traffic to your blog

Most websites or blogs do not get organic, targeted traffic are visitors that really likes the niche of your blog. This is where guest blogging is useful. If you are writing an article on SEO, then you will find that most people visiting your blog via the link back are people who are genuinely interested in SEO. Which is why it is recommended to always write a guest article that relates to your blog niche. Of course, there is no hard and fast rule, but if you want to get targeted traffic its a great way to do it. Vice-versa, you can always guest post on blogs that are related to your niche. Both ways, you will find a good influx of targeted traffic. Targeted traffic makes your ads perform better, as well as improve conversions of your affiliate programs.

Build Authority

If you ever try, it is not easy to get your guest post published on blogs like or DailyBlogTips etc. They are super-high authority blogs that get thousands of guest articles in their inbox everyday. So if you ever do manage to get an article published on one of these blogs then it automatically renders a lot of authority to you. A different strategy could be to write guest posts on a lot of medium authority blog. If your presence is seen everywhere, you will find that you have automatically generated authority for yourself as well as the blog.

Build Relationships

I have benefitted a lot out of relationships with my fellow bloggers. They are great referrers, they comment on my blog regularly and even help me out with a few doubts now and then. Guest blogging is a great way to forge relations and friendships with fellow bloggers. There is nothing like a great article that comes to take some load of a bloggers heavy writing schedles. Guest posts are published with great gratitude by bloggers and you can leverage it to enhance your network connections in the blogging community.

Find Guest Bloggers for your blog

Guest posting is also a great way to find guest bloggers for your own blog. Some bloggers will return your guest posting favor and send you over a guest post too. Also, reading a guest post, some readers would also take notice of your blog and become guest bloggers for you. When a blogger writes an article as a guest post, there is an immediate air of openess about him and it can attract a lot of future benefits. The only condition remaining that your articles should be awesome.

Get money making opportunities

Guest blogging, especially on premier blogs can get you noticed in the freelancing circuit and you can land a lot of freelancing jobs. Right from article writing to coding. It all depends on how deeply you express your subject knowledge on the guest articles that you get published on various blogs. Guest posting can really open many new streams of income for you. If bloggers knew about the immense potential it held, I bet most of them would take guest posting much more seriously.

Gain Exposure

Your level of exposure from guest blogging depends on two things: 1) Quality of your guest posts 2) The number of places you have guest posted at. You can be assured that if you manage to publish about 10 guest articles in a month, then you will end up being popular and can create a really strong brand image. Exposure is a very big benefit of guest blogging. Since your guest post is published to a lot of new audience and also syndicated to many other social networking sites. It can work as a great way to brand yourself and your blog.  

Get a chance to check your content quality

Getting to used to the safety of your own audience? Go out of your comfort zone and publish your articles on other blogs. Check the response of the readers. Are they loving it? Or is it a very lacking response. If the usually vibrant community of a successful is not that responsive to your article, then it means that you need to work on your content quality. On the other hand, if they are very talkative in the comments section of your article, then you know that your content quality is upto the mark. Guest blogging can be called a litmus test to check your content quality

Boost RSS subscribers, Twitter followers, Facebook fans etc.

Every time you post an article on a successful blog, you will find a significant bump in the RSS subscribers, Twitter followers, Facebook fans etc. Either one of them or all of them. This happens because of the targeted audience effect as I mentioned in an earlier point. If visitors coming via an authority site come to your blog and find that your content is as compelling, then they will not think again before signing up for your feeds. This is how you can gradually climb the steps of authority in the blogosphere.

Have fun

Guest blogging is fun! It is a change from the regular routine of only posting on your blog and to your usual reader base. You get to reach out to a whole new audience and the anticipation of their response is something that is really exciting. For me, whenever one of my guest post is accepted on a blog, big or small, it always sends a shiver of thrill down my spine.

I hope your guest posting experiences are as enjoyable as mine. And I also wish that you get to guest posting after reading this article, because I am certain that these 10 points have really come together well to tell readers the benefits of guest blogging. Let me know your views below.

In case, you decide to get right into guest posting, here is list of top blogs to guest post which I have compiled for your use: List of High Pagerank Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Collegefallout is also open for guest posting, you can get the details here: Submit Guest Post.


The Top 10 Beer Brands For Entrepreneurs

There are two kinds of people in this world, guys who drink beer and guys who worship beer. For me, beer is the ultimate drink. I would prefer it any day over Whiskey, Brandy etc. In this post I decided I would write about the top 10 beer brands every entrepreneur should drink.

From the beginning, beer has been about connections – people coming together, strangers becoming friends, and old friends becoming even closer. Because beer is more than just an alcoholic drink. It represents a philosophy of living in the moment that has been embraced around the world.

We rarely see in the movies, a very powerful personality drinking beer – but the young entrepreneurs today are surely changing that and beer is becoming a favorite among the entrepreneurs community.

Again, this post may not really have the brand that you personally like so you can help adding to this list in the comments section. For now, here is the Collegefallout List of top 10 beer brands for entrepreneurs, enjoy!


Budweiser! There is no human on Earth who has not heard about this beer. Truly, it is the King of Beers. Budweiser perfected its brewing recipe in 1876 and not once have the messed with it for the last 133 years. This long a time is testament to the unparalleled flavor and refreshment offered by this beer.  In the end, Budweiser is the best beer. Period.


The tagline says “Probably The Best Beer” and its true, Carlsberg really is one of the best beers you can have to relax. It has a really complex taste which is a treat to your senses.  Their brewed beer is tested by a specially trained blindfolded staff for sampling. So, if you want a beer that you can trust tastes great, try Carlsberg, its brewed by masters and blessed by guys like you and me.

Corona Extra

There’s something about drinking a Corona Extra that’s different from drinking any other beer. Corona is a simple, genuine beer that stands as an embodiment of good taste. It has one of the most recognizable bottles in the world. It has been brewing beer since 1925 and the quality and brewing process stands.


Drinking Heineken is truly a world-class experience. It is one of the most popular international premium beer brands. The historic Heineken brewery is Amsterdam’s one of the most impressive heritage sites.  Drinking a perfectly-poured Heineken is a great way for entrepreneurs to relax after a particularly tough day.


William and Ralph Foster created this world-famous Australian beer in 1887. The Foster beer cans are known as “Foster’s Oil cans” because they resembled motor-oil cans. And the name stuck. Frankly, no complains from my side about it, I like the can almost as much as what’s inside. Foster’s gives a bold flavor to beer – 100% Australian!


Guinness is drank by beer connoisseurs, and all around beer lovers. It has a strong taste which separates the men from the boys. A distinctive feature is the burnt flavour which is derived from the use of roasted unmalted barley. This beer is Irish in origin and is the best-selling beer in Ireland. It is a brand that no beer-loving entrepreneur should miss.

Stella Artois

Stella Artois originated from Belgium. It is named Stella after the Latin word for “star”. Another one of those brands of beer that an entrepreneur has to drink in his life. Olivier Adams who is the heir to the Stella fortune is co-founder of the Belgium band Lords of Acid. Stella Artois is truly a historical beer, tax records exist from 1366 for Leuven’s Dennis Horeney’s Brewery. In 1708, Sebastianus Artois became the master brewer at Den Horen, and gave his name to the brewery in 1717.

Coors Light

You might get an impression that this is a dream beer for high-school kids, because its a light beer. But nevertheless, it is a really good beer for entrepreneurs as well. Because, its light and enjoyable as well. It was first produced in 1978. If you want something stronger, there is always Coors Original. This brand was founded by Adolph Coors.

Beck’s Beer

The history of this beer is enough to keep entrepreneurs thrilled enough to drink it. Three men from three professions, a builder, a businessman and a brew-master got together to create a beer brand today known world-wide for its ultimate taste – Beck’s. The brew-master was Heinrich Beck. This beer was founded in the bustling town of Bremen, Germany. Yes, its a German beer and it will blow you away – guaranteed!

Kingfisher Premium

Ever since its inception, the brand has not only succeeded in guarding its numero uno status, but has also been able to evolve into one of the most contemporary and aspirational youth icons of today. Young entrepreneurs will find Kingfisher their perfect partner for almost anything – food, sports or business. Kingfisher Premium definitely lives up to its slogan – ‘King of Good Times

Don’t agree with the list? Add a new item below and also share your view on the brands already listed.