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Is Social Media Marketing Becoming A Nightmare For Traditional Entrepreneurs?

Mark Zuckerberg has truly made it to the top of the hate list of many traditional entrepreneurs. Just as they were coming to terms with the wave to take their business online, help remedy Zuckerberg hits them with Facebook. And all of a sudden the social media scene becomes an unavoidable aspect of entrepreneurship. I… Read More »

Facebook Movie: A Poor Tribute To Mark Zuckerberg

The Social Network is dubbed as the “Facebook” movie is a film about the finding of Facebook and about its smug founder Mark Zuckerberg. The movie charts the history of the website from its launch by Mark Zuckerberg and his best friend at Harvard University. It goes on to track the legal battle between Zuckerberg… Read More »

Internet Entrepreneurs Are Changing the Face of the Global Economy

Internet Entrepreneurs are causing a change of face of the global economy. The online has become a new and awesome medium of boosting economies around the world. It is not a news that will come as a great deal of surprise for us.  The ease, speed and the quality of service has made internet undeniably… Read More »

Top 10 Most Awesome Internet Entrepreneurs

The Top 10 internet entrepreneurs. This post is dedicated to all those young internet entrepreneurs who had the courage to make it happen for themselves. I began blogging almost 4 years back. It is amazing to see people who began their business on the internet for a few months and are now well-known millionaires. I… Read More »