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5 Bad Financial Habits To Quit In 2011

It is a new year now and it is time that you focus on kicking away your bad habits – financial one’s included. If you plan to accomplish more in the money department this year then here are 5 bad financial habits that you need to get rid off: Making Impulsive Purchases How many times have you found yourself on ... Read More »

Friends, Family and Fools…

Every entrepreneur knows the importance of a high venture capital in a startup. Angel funding is quite popular among start-ups but there is phase before that. That stage is also known as pre-angel funding. We have discussed about it in the last post. So we have learned that the pre-angel funding is basically the money that comes from friends, family ... Read More »

What Is Pre-Angel Funding?

If you ever plan to begin a business, you will realize the desperate need for funds right from Day one. You need the initial cash to setup the basic requirements for your startup.  This is where pre-angel funding comes into play. Before I get into the concept of pre-angel funding let me talk Angel Funding. Angel funding is also known ... Read More »

Which Is Better: CPM or CPC Model Of Advertising?

There are two popular models of advertising on the internet: Cost-Per-Click (CPC) and Cost-Per-Mille (CPM) used by bloggers. Many webmaster make use of CPC and CPM ads to make money from their websites and blogs. But many have a doubt, whether CPM or CPC advertising is better for their blog. This post will examine this question that is asked by ... Read More »

Paypal Rectifies Indian Bank Transfer Glitch

Finally Paypal has resolved the problem with Reserve Bank of India, which caused a hard time for many Indian merchants who depended on Paypal to make money transaction globally. Paypal had disabled personal payment transactions and withdrawal of money to Indian banks. Now, one can withdraw money to their bank accounts however, personal payment transfer remains suspended. This is the ... Read More »

Top 10 Most Awesome Internet Entrepreneurs


The Top 10 internet entrepreneurs. This post is dedicated to all those young internet entrepreneurs who had the courage to make it happen for themselves. I began blogging almost 4 years back. It is amazing to see people who began their business on the internet for a few months and are now well-known millionaires. I hope the post below lets ... Read More »