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Internet Entrepreneurs: How Fast Is Your Company Website?

For internet entrepreneurs, there is nothing more important than their website or the company website. It is very important that one particular aspect is given special consideration i.e.  speed! Speed is important not only from the SEO perspective but also because it might get you more customers. So internet entrepreneurs really need to worry about their site speed, I have listed out some unique ways to boost your site speed here in the post.

On the web people have zero patience (yes, even the patient types). Google quickly pops up your link during a search, someone clicks it and the timer begins! If your website doesn’t pop open in three ticks then you have just lost a customer. They will quickly press ‘back’ and go to the next link.

Make Use of the Pingdom Tool To Test Site Speed In-Depth

Type in the URL of the website you want to test for speed and click ‘Test Now’.

Pingdom will check out the total time required for your site to appear on the screen..

The cool thing– This is where Pingdom is really useful. No doubt, you get the time required for the whole site to load along with it you also get a chart that displays the loading time for each object on the page.

If You Use Mozilla Firefox

I love Mozilla Firefox and seriously believe it is the best browser available for a blogger, internet entrepreneur etc.

Coming back to the point.

Once you get Mozilla or if you already have install the Firebug and YSlow tools. Then,

Open your site in the browser>Tools>Open Firebug>YSlow>Analyze Performance.

After you finish off with this, the tool will list factors that contribute to site speed and also flag areas that need improvement, along with recommendations to fix it.

Powerful Ways To Speed Up Your Site

You can do a number of thing to speed up your website, here are a few powerful ways to speed up your site below.

  • Keep it simple. Don’t try to overdo your site with makeup. Always keep in mind the Google homepage – it doesn’t get any simpler than that. Simple=Sophisticated.
  • Combine your Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) into a single file.
  • Streamline and trim your CSS code by eliminating all the unused styles.
  • Using caching plugin if you  are using any blogging platform.
  • Trim images as much as possible and specify image dimensions
  • Use CSS Sprites to combine background images into a single image.
  • Avoid flash as much as possible.
  • Move your website from a shared to a dedicated server or choose a more premium web hosting service.

Hope you found the above article informative to improve site loading speed. Having a fast company website could make all the difference between success and failure in your online business.


The Biggest Challenge Faced by Internet Entrepreneurs

It is an interesting trend to watch on the internet these days – there are so many internet startups that are mushrooming daily that it has become difficult to track the rate at which new internet entrepreneurs are entering the World Wide Web.

Internet has easily become the most desirable place for business for the opportunistic entrepreneur. The world-wide reach given by the internet and relatively low cost of starting up have become attractive parts of the online business. Even businesses that are thriving in the offline world are creating their presence on the internet.

However, the challenges faced by internet entrepreneurs are totally different than from the entrepreneurs who make their business offline. This requires an internet entrepreneur to have a distinct set of skills to adapt to the challenges online.

One of the biggest challenges that are faced by internet entrepreneurs is the rate at which obsolescence occurs online. Internet is such a rapidly evolving and competitive environment that technology, software, social media and opportunities can be at an all time high in one moment and be totally forgotten the next day.

This requires the internet entrepreneur to learn quickly and unlearn even faster. Staying in the comfort zone can be perhaps the most fatal mistake that he can make. For example, earlier the promotional methods for a conventional internet marketing agency included paid reviews, buying advertisement and maybe a few press releases. Hardly did anyone imagine the advent of the powerful social media. Twitter so quickly took grasp of the social media marketing that many quick and smart internet marketers were able to boost their online income 100%. At the same time, many internet marketers who failed to realize the fact that Twitter had taken over the internet marketing techniques with a storm – lost a lot of customers to the new breed of fast learning and quick-to-act internet marketers. Suddenly, they realized with a jolt that old marketing techniques are just not good enough any more. What happened was that, many failed to adapt to the pace of development and shift of power to Social Medias.

Perhaps, the latest rage is the Facebook fan page – small blogs to big corporate are all taking their brand online to Facebook. This can be considered another challenge for many internet entrepreneurs to keep up with the rate at which the internet grows. Becoming an internet entrepreneur is lucrative – but it requires a whole new level of crazy acclimatization to the pace of development online.

What are your thoughts on this? Let me and the readers know below.


What is the Life of an Internet Business Startup?

On an average how long does a internet-based startup last? What is the life of these internet business startups that mushroom daily on the internet? CFO discusses the question in this post.

Most internet startups can last just for a few months before they run into losses, some may hang on till a couple of years and some may go out of business within a decade of their run. This means thats statistically  only one in hundred startups or so may be a succesful one. Maybe lesser.

A startup can be unsuccesful of many reasons. But the most critcal reason for their failure is the lack of a solid business plan. A business plan can be defined as a strategy on how the startup will chart its course for its growth with time. A solid business plan also takes into consideration the slumps and problems that could arise in the way. But many startups begin with a mediocre plan or no plan at all. They invest huge sums of money mindlessly. Sometimes, although an idea is good and sell-able, poor investing habits or poor management brings about the downfall.

Another reason why many internet business startup fail is that the person who started it just does not have the persistence and enough commitment to make the startup work. No startup is easy to grow and the path is very tough to tread. You need enough belief in yourself and the project, knowing that it will definitely work. If the belief is amiss then almost certainly the startup will flop.

Startups generally require to be innovative and should stand out from the rest of the existing enterprise model. For example the latest startups in the internet are the PTC (paid-to-click) websites. It was a great idea because it allowed its users to earn money with zero investment. On the other hand it allowed advertisers to display their website very cheap. This was an awesome idea but that was until the internet got saturated with thousands of PTCs. The result is that, now we have more scam PTCs websites than authentic ones! More and more PTCs that open up now are shutting down before they have even started.

Internet Startups need to be different and introduce a new concept to the existing market. The fast pace of internet requires you to keep developing and adding innovation to your business in order to survive.