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A Life With Regrets Or Something Better?

College is drawing to close. It has been a crazy four years of engineering education. Undoubtedly, in the four years of college life I have had my share of joy, excitement, heartbreaks and frustration. That is what makes it memorable. All that drawing to a close now, most of my friends and batch mates are placed in prestigious companies and ... Read More »

Three Types Of Startup Ideas

For an entrepreneur, coming up with a startup idea is rather personal process. I have done some research and here are the three types of startup ideas that exist. There are three main types of startup ideas: Trophy idea Borrowed Ideas Renovation Each of these ideas can lower or increase your risk level. We will go ahead and discuss each ... Read More »

Friends, Family and Fools…

Every entrepreneur knows the importance of a high venture capital in a startup. Angel funding is quite popular among start-ups but there is phase before that. That stage is also known as pre-angel funding. We have discussed about it in the last post. So we have learned that the pre-angel funding is basically the money that comes from friends, family ... Read More »

Are Entrepreneurs The Smarter Breed?

Are entrepreneurs smarter than their peers who are not self-employed, is a question that has to be thought over. It is usually an assumed fact that entrepreneurs are sharper than their peers. But really is that the case or is it as stated simply assumed. As expected, I am not the only one to have pondered over this. There have ... Read More »

6 Warning Signs Of A Bad Blogger

It is a fact that all bloggers worry about making their blog successful and all of us want to ensure that the blog is popular and is capable of making a full-time income. But not all are able to do it. Only a select few bloggers are able to achieve the break-through goal of creating a blog that provides them ... Read More »