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15 Tips To Instantly Improve Your Blog

Here are 15 tips to improve your blog instantly. These 15 tips will help you improve your SEO, design, traffic and quality of your blog in very less time. It so happens that we always have the scope to improve a blog to a level higher. No doubt, it takes time and patience but maybe these quick tips to improve ... Read More »

5 SEO Tips I Learned From Popular Blogs

A strong SEO strategy is generally the main characteristics of a High-Traffic blog. There are many popular blogs on the internet and I decided to study the few points which make them really popular. And surprisingly, I found out that most blogs do not have a very complex SEO campaign or anything as such. Most of the SEO strategy they ... Read More »

7 Powerful Ways To SEO A Blog Post

This is an article that will teach you to search engine optimize your each blog post so you can enjoy higher levels of traffic. I am a big SEO enthusiast, I love the whole concept of link building, keywords and meta-tags. A good SEO campaign can do wonders for your sites traffic. Here I have discussed 7 powerful ways to ... Read More »

3 Tips To Choose The Correct Keywords For SEO

Keywords have the capacity to make or break your website. Also if you rank well for particular keywords, you can also make money online. Marketing your websites keywords is a big way of making money online. But for any niche, there are many keywords which you can make use of so it can be a difficult task to choose the ... Read More »

3 New Ways To Get Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are the main driving force for your SEO campaign. Here are 3 new ways to get quality backlinks from sites that are highly trusted by Google. The link building methods below are not conventionally used by most bloggers or webmasters. So I can assure you that they will be pretty interesting for you. Here are 3 new ways to ... Read More »

How to Make a WordPress Blog to Do-Follow?

Most bloggers want to make their WordPress blog “DoFollow” but unfortunately, many are clueless on how it is made possible. Of course, you can directly customize the code to make your blog “DoFollow” but it is not at all recommended as it is risky and you may damage your template code. However, the easiest way to make your WordPress blog ... Read More »

My Experience of Guest Posting on ShoutMeLoud.Com

I recently made a guest post at Harsh Agrawal’s ShoutMeLoud. You can read it here. This post is simply a description on what was the experience that I had on making a guest post on ShoutMeLoud. PROS: 1) The first and biggest advantage of guest posting on ShoutMeLoud is the easy way to register and login to the ShoutMeLoud dashboard ... Read More »