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How to Build a Personal Brand Online

In today’s competitive job market, it’s more important than ever to stand out in the crowd. For recent graduates just entering the work force, a personal brand is a great way to show the world who you are and what valuable services or skills you have to offer. Building a personal brand online is a highly effective way to market ... Read More »

5 Tips for Building a Successful Blog

We can all name a few blogs that would be categorized as huge successes.  But they didn’t get that way overnight.  Each blogmaster was very deliberate when it came to the steps they took that eventually got them to where they are now.  So, what can you do to put your blog on the path to future success too?  Use ... Read More »

3 Ways For Effective Relationship Marketing

Social Media presence is very necessary if you are doing affiliated marketing. Relationship marketing is one of the best way to sell your products direct to your customers. Interacting with individuals, convincing them for buying your products, making them realize about the importance of a product is  all about Relationship marketing. Social Media helps you to build a strong network ... Read More »

List Of 8 Social Media That Cannot Be Ignored by Bloggers

Social Media is the latest buzz to create traffic to one’s blog or website and indeed, many have shown that it can be a successful model for good amount of traffic. However, what we don’t know is that which of the social media’s are those that cannot be ignored. While some social sites can be ignored or neglected. If you ... Read More »

How To Look Like a Dork on Twitter?

Twitter is the social media craze surrounding website/blog marketing for all enthusiastic web masters. Everyone wants to leverage the power of Twitter. Unfortunately, even in a simple marketing system such as Twitter, many cool desperate guys end up looking like total jerks. They are so desperate to promote their stuff that they end up looking like total dorks. So if ... Read More »

The Biggest Challenge Faced by Internet Entrepreneurs

It is an interesting trend to watch on the internet these days – there are so many internet startups that are mushrooming daily that it has become difficult to track the rate at which new internet entrepreneurs are entering the World Wide Web. Internet has easily become the most desirable place for business for the opportunistic entrepreneur. The world-wide reach ... Read More »

Can Twitter be Called A Real Social Network Anymore?

Twitter was launched with the intention of providing its users a quick update of their personal lives to each other. Basically, Twitter aimed at becoming the quick solution of social networkers who did not have a lot of time to spend on exhaustive social networks like Facebook, Orkut etc. It was a practical solution to the concept behind social networks. ... Read More »