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List Of Successful Indian Entrepreneurs Blogs

This post has a list of top Indian entrepreneurs blogs. These entrepreneurs have been blogging for a long time and their blogs are archives of a great deal of knowledge. They are successful entrepreneurs with a passion towards start-ups and businesses. Related Post: Top Indian Internet Entrepreneurs Om Malik: Om Malik runs a blog linking… Read More »

Internet Entrepreneurs: Ten Tips for Starting an Online Business in 2010

The growing potential of internet as a breeding ground for low capital entrepreneurs is finally being recognized. More and more people are jumping into the online business band wagon. Most investments in business you make will be much lesser in this virtual world than when you try to startup a business in the real world.… Read More »

Google in an Insane Shopping Spree at Mountain View

Google is obsessed with Advertising start-ups. It has been taking over start-ups faster than a croc snapping its prey.Take a look at the take overs by Google in the last month: Teracent Display Advertising Start-Up A week back Google brought display advertising technology start-up Teracent. Display ads are different from text ads (which are content… Read More »