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5 Tips for Building a Successful Blog

We can all name a few blogs that would be categorized as huge successes.  But they didn’t get that way overnight.  Each blogmaster was very deliberate when it came to the steps they took that eventually got them to where they are now.  So, what can you do to put your blog on the path to future success too?  Use ... Read More »

3 Tips When You Can’t Get Your Business Name As The URL

Most businesses and bloggers would like to pick up a domain name that is directly suiting their needs or company name. But it is the year 2011 and it is easy to see that most intuitive and good domain names have been taken up. You will find that there are very remote possibilities of you actually being able to purchase ... Read More »

Difficulties of Entrepreneurship From Home

Earlier on this blog, I have written a post which provided tips on home business for entrepreneurs. No doubt, boot strapping has become the new mantra for new entrepreneurs. Most startup entrepreneurs are looking at their house, garage and basements as potential offices to cut overhead expenses. In a previous post I have also covered, 3 Tips To Locate First ... Read More »

5 Tips To Find More Blogs For Submitting Your Guest Posts

There are lots of ways we can generate quality backlinks for our websites. But some of popular methods for building quality backlinks are article submission, do follow blog commenting, discussion forums, social media submission etc. But my favorite method for building links, traffic and branding for a website is using guest blogging method. You can get some links from a ... Read More »

5 Tips To Name A Startup: To Create A Brand Online

Startups, whether internet based or not need a name. This is where this post will come in handy for you. Choosing a great name for your startup which will help you with online presence is an uphill task. Entrepreneurs should focus on choosing such a name for their startup that can help them brand easily on the web. You cannot ... Read More »

10 Tips To Design A Business Blog

This post will provide tips on designing your business blog. It is very important to design blogs that help your company websites to convert visitors into loyal customers. In the earlier post I mentioned 10 examples of some awesome business blogs. The list of examples can serve as a great illustration for you guys to see and learn how a ... Read More »