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Top 10 Motivational Songs For Entrepreneurs

Here is the list of top 10 songs that inspire, energize and even provide courage for entrepreneurs soul during the invitable ups and downs. Music is a powerful thing and good music can provide nourishment to your entrepreneurial soul. It helps in motivating the entrepreneur within you. I have seen that the songs listed below have always helped me out of any blues or platonic phase I may be going through.

This is the list of top 10 young entrepreneur anthems you should definitely listen to:

Black Eyed Peas – Let’s Get It Started

Black Eyed Peas (Songs for entrepreneurs)
Black Eyed Peas (Songs for entrepreneurs)

Conveys: Starting up.

The Black Eyed Peas are definitely doing their bit for the world’s party goers, but they’re also throwing in nuggets of wisdom for the dynamic entrepreneurs. Words of wisdom within this song are – “To lose this inhibition/Follow your intuition/Free your inner soul/And break away from traition“. The soulful voice of Fergie and the energetic beats, gets the entrepreneur within you moving.

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John Mayer – Bigger Than My Body

John Mayer (Songs for Entrepreneurs)
John Mayer (Songs for Entrepreneurs)

Coveys: Push Your Limit.

Believe it or not, John Mayer, seems to know a thing or two about entrepreneurs. Mayer wrote, “Bigger Than My Body”. This song is basically a great push towards understanding the fact that entrepreneurs should always try to push their boundaries and overcome limiting factors that surround them. Lyrics such as – “Someday I’ll Soar/Someday I’ll Be So Damn Much More/ ‘Cause I’m Bigger Than My Body Gives Me Credit For” But perhaps, one of the best parts of song that imply about leaving a legacy is – “I‘ll gladly go down in flames/ If a flame is what it takes to remember my name“. This song is defintely an entrepreneurs number.

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Bon Jovi – It’s My Life

Bon Jovi
Bon Jovi

Conveys: Do Your Own Thing

There is no need for an introduction to this timeless song by Bon Jovi. Perhaps one of the most motivating songs for entrepreneurs. Apart from the engaging beats, th lyrics of this song take the cake away- “This is for the ones who stood their ground/For Tommy and Gina who never backed down/Tomorrow’s getting harder, make no mistake/Luck ain’t even lucky, gotta make your own breaks/It’s my life/And it’s now or never/I ain’t gonna live forever/I just wanna live while I’m alive”. This is a song that will motivate you to always do your own thing in your way no matter what other people say.

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Travie McCoy – Billionaire

Travie McCoy- Billionaire
Travie McCoy- Billionaire

Conveys: Money as a Motivation.

This is one of the freshest songs for entrepreneurs. It is a fact that most of us jump into entrepreneurship for the money. And this song “Billionaire” by Travie McCoy just seems to capture that so well. Here are a few lines from this awesome song – “I wanna be a billionaire so fricking bad/Buy all of the things I never had/Uh, I wanna be on the cover of Forbes magazine/Smiling next to Oprah and the Queen“. Money and fame is one of the primary reason people become entrepreneurs.

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Fort Minor – Remember The Name

Fort Minor
Fort Minor

Conveys: Working to leave a Legacy.

This song performed by Fort Minor was not just for the hip-hop community. There was a lot in it for entrepreneurs as well. Here, just take a look at the lyrics – “This is ten percent luck, twenty percent skill/Fifteen percent concentrated power of will/Five percent pleasure, fifty percent pain/And a hundred percent reason to remember the name!“. Fort Minor does a fantastic job of pouring inspiration to the person listening to this song and get him to work towards leaving a legacy.

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Survivor – Eye Of The Tiger

Survivor- Eye of the Tiger

Conveys: Will To Survive

A song that every entrepreneur MUST listen to! This song is all about survival. And the courage to fight against all odds with only the will to survive. Here are some parts of the song-“Went the distance, now I’m back on my feet /Just a man and his will to survive /So many times, it happens too fast /You change your passion for glory /Don’t lose your grip on the dreams of the past /You must fight just to keep them alive.” In the dog-eat-dog attitude of the business world, the only way you stand a chance is with a strong will to survive and beat the odds. “Eye of the Tiger” is a great song for motivating your survival instinct.

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Natasha Beddingfield – Unwritten

Natasha Beddingfield
Natasha Beddingfield

Conveys: Uncertainity

Uncertainity is perhaps the biggest fears most startup enterpreneurs harbor within themselves. Another real deal that the song tells entrepreneurs is to let go of your mind-blocks. Here is what the song conveys -“No one else can feel it for you/Only you can let it in/No one else, no one else/Can speak the words on your lips/Drench yourself in words unspoken”. Another great part of this song is where it talks why chances are never over- “Live your life with arms wide open/Today is where your book begins/The rest is still unwritten“.

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Switchfoot – This Is Your Life

Switchfoot (Songs for Entrepreneurs)
Switchfoot (Songs for Entrepreneurs)

Conveys: Are you who you want to be?

Switchfoot is a great band! But I was surprised how many of their songs were suited for entrepreneurs. But the most motivating song was-“This is You Life”. In this song, there is a blunt question asked- this is your life, are you who you want to be? Entrepreneurship allows you to be what you want to be without worrying about pleasing a boss or counting your holiday pay-cuts. Switchfoot pushes you in the right direction with this song- “Yesterday is a /wrinkle on your forehead/Yesterday is a promise that you’ve broken/Don’tclose your eyes, don’t close your eyes/This is your life and today is all you’ve got now/Yeah, and today is all you’ll ever have“. The best part of the song is- “This is your life, are you who you want to be!“.

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Daft Punk – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Daft Punk (entrepreneur songs)
Daft Punk (entrepreneur songs)

Conveys: Work Harder.

The lyrics of this awesome song – “Work it harder, make it better/Do it faster, makes us stronger/More than ever hour after/Our work is never over“. This songs puts you in a mental state of pushing youself harder, better, faster, stronger – the exact requirement out of any entrepreneur.

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Green Day – Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Green Day (Songs For Entrepreneurs)
Green Day (Songs For Entrepreneurs)

Conveys: Journey of an Entrepreneur

A great song that aptly describes the solo journey of an entrepreneur. The long and tiring path may get lonely but the entrepreneur is ready to go through to it for the sake of his ambitions. Here is the look into the lyrics- “I walk a lonely road/The only one that I have ever known/Don’t know where it goes/But it’s home to me and I walk alone”. A truly moving song for an entrepreneur.

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Please feel free to suggest other songs that you find motivating in the comments and maybe I’ll put a second version of this list together soon enough.


10 Things That Kill A Startup Within A Year

Most successful entrepreneurs will tell you the nightmarish experience they had for the first 2-3 years of their business. A new startup has a very poor survival rate in the competitive business world. Statistics show that 8 out of 10 new businesses fail within the first three years. There are a variety of reasons why a startup fails in the first few years itself. This post is an overview of 10 things that kill a startup in the first year:

Not Hiring The Right Talent:

The team is the prime factor that will decide your startup’s success. Especially if the product/service depends on the talent level of your employees. Have a team of passionate workers who align with the core interest of your company. A startup needs to be more stringent while hiring human resource than a big company, because usually a startup hardly has 20-odd employees. So the attitude and passion of each employee matters unlike companies with work forces of 20,000+.

Not Focusing On Your Cash Flow:

A startup which has no control over its cash flow will sooner or later face huge problems with budgeting. It is very important that an entrepreneur understand the cash flow cycle of his startup. It is unique to each startup and it is something which needs to be checked constantly. A startup faces the risk of burning up its funds faster than it is receiving money.

Not Adapting Quick Enough:

It is an ever-changing world out there, the world belongs to those who can learn fast and unlearn even faster. A startup needs to be flexible to market changes and understand the changing preferences of consumers/customers.

Not Pricing Your Service/Product Correctly:

Pricing your product or services incorrectly is a fundamental flaw many startups face. Some place their prices very low while other charge exhorbitant sums. The wisest way to set your price is by analyzing your competitor pricing and then adjust yours accordingly. But it may not always be as easy as it sounds, since there are a lot of other factors that come into play.

Not Focusing On Your Core Area:

Too many startups get distracted by their successful competitors who have an array of products/services. As a startup, it is essential that you first focus on your core area and develop it into something robust before focusing on other streams.

Obsessing Over Competitors:

Competitors have always been and always will be there in business. It is a fact of life. There is no point in obsessing over their revenue share, customer list etc. Sure, it is important you analyze your competition but obsessing over them is totally different.

Not Getting Your Business Online:

The world is coming online and it would be dumb if your business has no presence on the internet. Startups especially have a great branding opportunity online. For example, Facebook currently has 500 million members! If you were to think of Facebook as a country, it would be the third most populated nation in the world after China and India.

Not Seeking Advice:

Too many startup do this mistake of not taking expert opinion. The fact of the matter is that expert opinion on certain decisions can lead to much more saving of time and money. Because most experts are aware of the pitfalls that await certain kinds of enterprises. And you need all the help you can have.

Getting Burnt Out:

Most startups have to work twice as hard as an established enterprise. All the employees, CEO are on their top gear 24X7 – this can lead to a big time burn out of your team and you as well. This is where it becomes  important to remember that “All Work and No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy“.

Not working smarter:

Todays world has so many technologies to make your life easier and get work done faster. It is very important you make use of all the tools available to make yourself more efficient. Which means you achieve more in lesser time with lesser effort. There are many industry specific smart tools available today. Think about it!

Have you experienced any pitfalls due to any of the above killers? If yes, let us know below. Also, what would you add to this list? Leave a comment below.

Blogging Tips

10 Examples Of Awesome Business Blogs

This is a list of top 10 awesome business blogs. I figured, showing examples of some awesome business blogs will help you understand better. This is a follow-up post to the business blogging tips that I have earlier written. Although, the list below is of some cool blogs of some cool companies – they might not be the best business blog. They are awesome though. Each of them is sure to teach you something so that you can improve your own business blog. Enjoy!

BuySellAds: The BSA company blog is also a great example on how a business blog should be. They update their articles with their latest innovations as well as the controversies and analysis related to the online ad industry, very interesting! You can visit them here- BSA blog.

Mozilla– Mozilla’s blog is the final stop for all the news, notes and ramblings from the Mozilla project. Their blog really speaks volumes about their company with a great layout and theme. See it here- Mozilla blog.

Playstation: If you like playing games, then you must be a fan of Playstation. Their business blog is not too bad either. You can visit it here- Playstation Blog.

Whitehouse: It seems Barack Obama’s administration is not too bad at blogging either.  You will see that the Whitehouse blog is not that bad too. You can take a look here: Whitehouse blog.

Dogster: They have a great company blog, Dogster is among the most helpful online sources for all things dog and cat related knowledge, advice and accessories. You can check out pet info, videos and other interesting stuff on their blog. You can see their blog here – Dogster blog.

Dreamhost: They are web hosts who are quite popular among bloggers. After going through blogs of various other web hosts, I zeroed in on Dreamhost. They have a great business blog because its simple, clean and their posts are very humorous. Visit them here- Dreamhost blog.

Twitter: The authoritative micro-blogging platform has also setup a great business blog. The blog is a release from the 140-character limit and Twitter admin posts some great updates on the blog. Visit here- Twitter blog.

EA Sports: If you are crazy about sports games, there is no way you haven’t heard about EA (Electronic Arts) Sports. They are the leaders in games related to soccer, football, cricket. They also maintain a great business blog that caters to their fans. You can see it here: EA Blog.

Blackberry: You get all you can expect from a blog of a company like Blackberry. They post stuff related to the latest models they release, sneak-peaks and usage instructions you never knew existed. You can see their blog here- Blackberry blog.

Google: This is the ultimate company blog that you can learn from. The Google blog is a great place for learning insights about their products, technology and work culture. You can read their blog here – Google Blog.

Hope you enjoyed the post. Do leave your comments below.