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Why Are Celebrities Wealthy?

If you took this question on its face value, then you have got a wrong idea about the article. Why are celebrities wealthy? It might seem a stupid question. Frankly, its not. Sure, they are wealthy because they get paid very highly for it. But the real question is, why are the celebrities paid so much? There are so many things ... Read More »

The Big Deal About Being “Connected”!

If you have been brought up in a third-world country like India, you would be surprised about a lot of things. One of the main things you would constantly watch and twitch about would be the power of “connected” people. If you are in a bar fight with a “connected” guy, then you better save your ass and get the ... Read More »

3 Reasons Why You Must Guest Post

Guest Posting has become a good way for bloggers to gain quality backlinks for their blogs. No doubt, one guest post benefits both the guest blogger as well as the blog on which the content is posted. It is a truly symbiotic relationship. This post will not cover the technical benefits you gain from guest posts but instead, it tells ... Read More »

5 Reasons Why I Sell More BSA Ads Than Other Popular Blogs

I am about to hit the first $50 payout for (BSA). And yesterday as I was browsing a few other blogs and I noticed a lot of empty BSA “Ad Here” boxes on them.  Surprisingly, they were blogs with a smart 5-digit Alexa rank and good Pagerank. That is when I realized that I was doing something right due ... Read More »

Why Should You Focus On Retiring Young?

Retiring young is the number one reason most people choose to be entrepreneurs. In my own case, I would love to retire as early as possible. Unfortunately, retiring early also means that you need to be financially free. Because there is no point in retiring early and then having no money for the basic needs of life. “I look forward ... Read More »

Why You Need A Business Plan, Now

I don’t take interest in most surveys, but sometimes there are a few surveys that are really worth your while. Like this one, about business plan. In this post you will understand why you need a business plan. The survey was significant to prove the importance of business plans to entrepreneurs. Simply put, those who finished their business plans were ... Read More »