5 Ways To Take The Trash Out Of Your Blog

By | 2010/09/03

I am sure the title is pretty self-explanatory. This is a basic blogging tip which explain bloggers the need to empty your blog from all the unwanted trash. If your blog carries a lot of unwanted baggage then it is automatically affecting the efficiency of your blog. To make sure that your blog is swift and responsive – which makes it very attractive for readers, it is important that you cut out all the trash out of your blog.

Here are 5 ways to take out the trash from your blog:

Unwanted Widgets: This is perhaps the most common kind of trash most bloggers harbor in their blog. Choosing such widgets that are more oriented towards pleasing yourself (webmaster) rather than the reader is a big mistake. There are many amateur bloggers who make use of the geographic maps that show the location of the visitors to your site. They are quite useless technically and will increase your page load time. Such widegets should be avoided if you are serious about becoming successful in blogging.

Social Media Icons: Bombarding your post with a Re-tweet button, Facebook Like button, Digg and a Stumble button is a bad idea. The whole things begins to look congested and doesn’t allow the readers a clear vision. Also, there is a high probability that you end up looking like a promotional maniac. Take the whole thing easy, you can use the Sexy Bookmarks plugin to show all the social media icons you want either above or below your post neatly in an expandable manner.

Blogroll: This is a very personal choice for each and every blogger. So my suggestion is to only place such links in your blogroll that actually give you benefit in some kind of way. Also, to many bloggers the blogroll is a way of showing appreciation to other bloggers. Blogroll is not bad, just make sure that it is not redirecting visitors to your competitors or ending your site with a high bounce rate. FYI, John Chow uses a blogroll on his blog.

Pages: It really is time that you remove all those extra pages that are uselessly sitting on your blog. Only put pages that are an absolute necessity. You should begin to delete pages that do not provide you any kind of advantage.Having pages that are sitting idle with almost no views should be your first target pages for deletion.

Ads: This has always been a touchy subject for bloggers. How many ads is too much? Well, I would ball park the number of ads you can put on your blog depending upon your traffic. If your blog is really popular and gets a monstrous figure in traffic, then you can be very liberal placing ads. On the other hand, if your blog is still in the growing curve then my sincere advice would be that you become frugal while placing ad slots (eg-www.collegefallout.com).

There are many more ways to make your site a much cleaner and have more white space to improve the readers experience, but the above 5 are the general 5 ways to take out the trash from your blog.

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