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By | 2014/03/24

Customer service is an essential part of any business operation. Customers always expect to reach a representative that can resolve any minor or major issues with a particular product or service offered by a brand or company. Customer service training can be costly for many businesses. Fortunately, there are computer software solutions that can minimize the cost of training customer service agents. Customer service management software is an example of an innovative way to train representatives of a company.

Computer programs essentially guide customer service agents through all of the processes involving handling phone calls, live chats and even personal face to face interactions with consumers. The software covers step by step the basic aspects of etiquette in the world of customer service. For example, tutorials present realistic situations that may arise in the real world. The agents have a limited time to respond properly to a simulated situation and then get assessed on the performance. A manager can then oversee all of the results that display how each customer service agent responds to virtual situations.

Customer service software can also be applied to monitor the effectiveness of agents in real time. For example, a manager can overhear in real time the conversations that go on between a company representative and customer that’s calling about a problem. Customer service agents need to develop patience and versatility when dealing with consumers that may be angry and frustrated about something. Politeness is also a key virtue to have in customer service jobs.

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