The 5 Best Tech Tools To Accelerate Your Business

By | 2011/01/31

Technology makes our life easier. Entrepreneurs can make their life easier as well as more efficient with the best tech tools mentioned in this post. These are powerful open source softwares that can help you complete your job more quickly and with greater accuracy.

Here are the 5 best free tech tools to accelerate your business:

Google Apps:

Google Apps is a group of applications that offers collaboration and communication tools for businesses. In other sense, they have a host of applications that allow you to share documents in real time. Also, you optimize the storage space offered at Gmail. Google Apps can help save you a lot of IT costs, it is worth spending some time on it to understand what it can really do for you.

Also, if you’re still trying to convince your coworkers of the benefits of Google Apps, or maybe just to explain Google Apps to your mom, share this video with them.


The SugarCRM software is not an application that helps you manage only employees or customers. CRM is powerful because it encompasses not only employees, but partners and customers as well. It is also very useful for managing task and updating calendars. FYI, this is the same software that is used by companies such as Coca-Cola.


Evernote can become like a Pandora’s box for you. Store absolutely anything from ideas, pictures, text note, web page – anything at all! Everything you capture is automatically processed, indexed, and made searchable for your comfort. Best part is that Evernote is accessible on any platform – Windows, iPhone, Android, desktop or tablet. A very useful tech tool for business.


phpBMS is a Business Management Software (BMS). It is a system that is capable of creating and printing sales orders, tracking clients and prospects, fulfilling accounts receivable needs, and printing detailed sales and purchasing reports. phpBMS is a true open source since it is completely free.


VoIP delivers professional features typically found on the phone systems of much larger companies but with lower costs and simplified management. A simple portal interface makes it easy for you to add extensions, configure call-forwarding rules, create call groups and more. For companies with local and 800 numbers in foreign countries, OnSIP’s Inbound Bridge service lets callers use phone menus, transfer calls, put callers on hold, etc.

These are some really powerful technology tools that will help you manage productivity, accounting, customer service, employee management etc. Basically, all the major aspects of the business. Hope you found it useful!

5 thoughts on “The 5 Best Tech Tools To Accelerate Your Business

  1. Olga

    Good review. We should also mention free collaboration platforms though. – as one of them. a free alternative to basecamp

  2. Christopher Roberts

    I have heard of Google Apps and think that they are great. Cloud based computing is the way forward!

    Off to research the others now, but it looks like you have found some hidden gems 🙂

  3. Amanda Gordon

    Been using Google Apps for a while and it is pretty much part of everyday use.

    Evernote is simply amazing. I absolutely love it.

    I have tried to install and use SugarCRM many times, but each time, I gave up before I could complete. I think it can be quite a handful for a small business without external help.

  4. Rodrigo

    Thanks. Great article.
    This week we’re going Google Apps. In our small company in Chile took some time to me to comunicate to everyone the benefits of the cloud, inlcuding calendar and document sharing, not to mention the 25GB emails. We spend a lot of money in the technician for virus removal, implementations, and stuff. But now we have high hopes on Google to help on our costs.


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