The Big Deal About Being “Connected”!

By | 2010/12/03

If you have been brought up in a third-world country like India, order you would be surprised about a lot of things. One of the main things you would constantly watch and twitch about would be the power of “connected” people. If you are in a bar fight with a “connected” guy, physician then you better save your ass and get the hell out of there. Not only in third-world countries but even in super-power nations such as USA, mind there is a very negative impression about “connected” guys. But being connected does not mean you are a bad guy – it means you are influential. And influential means that you can get circumstances to turn in your favor. In fact, it is very important to be connected. This post deals how to make connections and be connected with the big guys.

Every entrepreneur knows the important of having good contacts. These contacts make things a lot easier for him and are also a relief system in times of trouble. It is not recommended for an entrepreneur to be a recluse, he must be fairly outgoing and be ready to come in contact with all kinds of people.

Secrets to be connected:

  • Do not hesitate to come in contact with any kind of person. People might be egoistic, pessimistic or negative but if they are powerful and can come in handy to you then you must make the effort to connect with them.
  • Attend entrepreneur conferences and make it a point to improve your visibility in people radar.
  • Have something to offer yourself. Most powerful guys are quite selfish and they seek to connect with people who are as influential as them or have something that you have to offer to them.
  • Start small. Do not try to connect with the best in your industry at the start itself. First know people who are a few levels above you and eventually know the person in the top of the pyramid.

Why Should You Be Connected:

  • The more connected you are, the more influential you become. And influence is a great thing – it can help you get difficult work done with lesser effort.
  • It has also been seen that connected people get a lot of respect from their peers and the society in general.
  • Connections can help you out of seemingly impossible situations. When you fall in a ditch that is pretty serious to your business, connections can help you get the required people. For example in cases of legal tangles, powerful people have a way of tackling the situation and getting out of it unscratched.
  • If entrepreneurs want to scale up their business and grow then you need connections to help you with a lot of things.

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