The Geek’s Guide to Being Interesting at Writing

By | 2009/11/20

I really do not consider my writing the most interesting piece of words that you will ever read.

I do not know why! It may be because my writing has always been restricted to writing letters to the Electricity board or the Local Gas Agency. Whatever it is, it makes it really difficult for me to make my content magnetic like most prolific bloggers we have on the internet.And they say that content is King – which is very true.

And, I have to admit, I kind of resented the lack of proper writing skills in the Beginning.

But with time, comes wisdom and I realized that writing for a blog needs a lot more than good creative skills. The main ingredient for successful writing is the ability to connect to your readers. It really does not matter even if you can’t make your words dance like a movie in front of your readers. The main point is that your readers understand what you are saying – and benefit from it.

Soon, I understood the best way to write interesting articles.

If you really want to write interesting articles – be interested in the subject you are writing about. If you are starting a sports niche blog then be passionate about sports, its controversies and the great skills of the many players who play the particular sport. And that is the key to interesting writing.

Here is the rule for writing interesting articles.

Be authentic. Have something to say. Display passion and never feign interest.

Because the moment you pretend to be interested in something you really are not – you have already lost your audience. Best of luck.

To Your Blogging Success.

Vivek Krishnan

3 thoughts on “The Geek’s Guide to Being Interesting at Writing

  1. izzat aziz

    just write like you presenting, be strong and confident 🙂

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