The Importance of Gravatar for a Blogger

By | 2010/01/16

Hi Everybody, I hope that everyone watched the latest movie Avatar back home this new year. I did and I will say that the movie has been a treat for my eyes. Right from the beautiful alien Neytiri to the courageous Jake Sully’s avatar. Watching the Avatar movie, I really wished I too had an avatar – then I realized that I did have one! My very own internet Gravatar. This is the image that I carry around with me everywhere on the internet, people can simply recognize me with my image.

Gravatar is a concept founded by Matt – the same guy who found WordPress.

A Gravatar can be summarized as what you project yourself as to the rest of the web. Because, anywhere you comment or leave a response your Gravatar will follow you. However, many bloggers fail to realize the true potential of a good Gravatar as many leave it to a vague photo from the web.

The importance of a Gravatar cannot be underestimated as it is the image that will follow you to every site. Your Gravatar is the face which you show the web. Gravatar helps people to recognize you quickly and lets you brand yourself.

The Gravatar is more than anything a tool which you should use to create a brand image in the minds of people. If you want to create a good connect with your audience then a Gravatar can prove to be very helpful.

You can edit, change or add as many Gravatars as you want. You can even have a different Gravatar for each email id of yours. Get your Gravatar here.

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