The “No Leakage” Rule

By | 2010/05/05

The No Leakage rule was introduced by the young internet entrepreneur Michael Dunlop. This rule basically entails you getting rid of any advertisements or sponsor banners on your blog. Michael Dunlop claims that banners and third-party ads are basically the leaks of your blog. A visitor who comes to your blog can be turned into a very profitable customer if you are smart and eliminate all kinds of leakage.

When a reader comes to your blog they are acting upon the action you are encouraging them to take. If you have sponsor ads – definitely a few of your visitors will click on your sponsor ads and get directed to them.

The common leakages  in a blog are:

  • Blogroll
  • Top Commentators List
  • Ad Banners from Sponsors
  • Any link which you have no control over

Michael Dunlop in his blog Income Diary deeply emphasizes on the fact that having links shown above will affect your control over your visitors. He says your blog should be leak proof in such a manner that a visitor has only two options and that is:

  • Either Subscribe to Your Blog
  • Or Exit the  Browser

On his blog he has three banners that direct readers to take a positive step towards their online business. He has an affiliate link for a domain registrar, online pharm a web host and a premium theme – basically he provides a setup for his visitors to start their own money-making blog.

Although the No Leakage rule can boost the conversion rate on your blog – there are also a few disadvantages associated with. So the final choice for applying the No Leakage rule is upon you. In CollegeFallOut I make a gross violation of the “No Leakage” rule but I do not plan to switch to affiliate marketing any time soon.

3 thoughts on “The “No Leakage” Rule

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  2. Espadrilles

    Well the “No Leakage” rule seems to be pretty good if you are into Niche based marketing but if you are not then I think the “No Leakage rule doesn’t hold any value

  3. George185

    Some of the things you recommend not having can be used to entice people to stay on your site. A top commentators list provides a goal for those who wish to comment on your blog. This will help keep your pages fresh for the search engines. While I agree that you should not overdo it, you shouldn’t eliminate all of these programs.


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