The Reality Of Pro-Blogging

By | 2010/07/30

Pro-blogging is the practice of blogging professionally for a living. There are many cases where we have seen normal people like you and me who have taken blogging to another level and turned it into a career option. It is indeed a very attractive alternative to the usual 9-5 cubicle life that many of us are subjected to. So we see that pro-blogging has really caught on as a rage. This is why I have introduced this new post which will show you the reality of pro-blogging.

Here are three points:

The Unquenching Thirst For Growth

However, recipe at the same time you will soon understand one thing as soon as you turn a pro-blogger – you always want more. Unlike your job, order in blogging you will find that there is always room to expand and grow exponentially. No matter how much you money you make online, it will frustrate you that there is always a next level that is bigger and better. So basically you could burn yourself out trying to keep pace of the internet – which we know is continually evolving and new technologies are emerging continually.

It Becomes A Cubicle

So you wanted to escape the cubicle at your IT firm? Well problogging requires you to sit right about the same way you did back at the office. The only difference being that you enjoy your work. But even for the most passionate of bloggers it just become too much to take to sit in front of the screen for hours researching, writing and networking.Of course, there is the liberty to take rests whenever you feel like and taking as many sick-leaves as you want – but it will affect your profits. A minor disadvantage of being your own boss.

You Got To Be A Socialite

There are many people who think that pro-blogging is also a great option for those who are introverted and are not active socially. Although, agreed that a career in blogging would require you lesser communication skills than you would generally need in an environment of a company – but you still have got to be a socialite. If you fully want to realize your blogging potential then it is imperative that you are socially active not only online but in the real world where you can meet and talk to other successful bloggers. This is important to sustain your growth and build a more powerful brand image.

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5 thoughts on “The Reality Of Pro-Blogging

  1. Mia

    I see blogging as a passion and not as an actual work. If I were to do only blogging 8h per day probably I would get tired eventually.I need to socialize outside my laptop, and to do things in order to have something good to write about.

  2. Domain name registration

    Thanks for sharing the three point on the reality of professional blogging, blogging is a lonely world, you need to exercise self-discipline to update your blog and have a persistence to go for your goal. When you aim for professional blogging or blogging for profit, you will sell products and show your expertise through your blog.

  3. Android

    Know well about the niches you write for that make you become pro-blogger.

  4. RadzNguyen

    Pro blogging is much like our day to day job in a firm, except only one thing. I love this point. ” You are boss”
    . Great post 🙂


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