The Top 10 Entrepreneurs Blogs You Must Read

By | 2010/04/02

This post is a list of top 10 blogs related to entrepreneurship. These are written by successful entrepreneurs. If you follow these entrepreneur blogs I am sure you can be much more succesful in your endeavours and stay motivated during hard times. These intelligent personalities will guide you through the stages of entrepreneurship.

Hoping this list will provide you all the best entrepreneur blogs on the internet today.

On Startups:

Dharmesh Shah is the man you need to know if you are all into entrepreneurship. Admittedly, he maintains one of the top entrepreneur blogs on the internet. His blog is a repository of invaluable entrepreneurial tips.


This is an entrepreneurship blog for young entrepreneurs that is run by two brothers. They periodically have great interviews of internet entrepreneurs and also ways that you can leverage social media to promote your online business as well as the offline one. They always have fresh and useful content daily.

Guy Kawasaki:

This man will single-handedly put your business on nitro-boosters. His blog is a great place where you can find his nuggets of wisdom organized and archived. His golden touch in business is also well known. If you are into entrepreneurship you should not miss his blog.

Entrepreneur: would seem like an obvious bet but it is still worth a mention on this list. After all it is the top 10 Entrepreneurship blogs on the internet.This blog will have all the information to help start, grow or manage any kind of small business. Again do not miss out on their invaluable archives.

Seth Godin:

Seth Godin’s blog is a great blog for entrepreneurs who want an interesting angle into entrepreneurship. His articles are intelligently written and most of them will inspire you very much. Seth Godin’s is so awesome at writing that on an average he gets 700 tweets per article. If you want a demo of his genius entrepreneur mind, read this.

Income Diary:

Michael Dunlop is a 21-year old internet entrepreneur. He will teach how to become an internet entrepreneur on his very very inspirational blog. His blog is an archive of interviews of celebrity-internet entrepreneurs (which means popular internet entrepreneurs). His blog posts are very motivating and what’s more – he teaches you to get rich young!

Small Biz Trends:

This is a blog where Anita Campbell talks about trends that are affecting small businesses and internet startups. Her blog’s speciality is that Small Biz Trends also puts focus on social media, her articles on Twitter and Facebook SEO are very highly rated. A great blog for those who want to become an internet entrepreneur.

Zen Habits:

A frugal and simple blog that is based on boosting productivity of an entrepreneur. It offers very insightful articles on how to maximize your work potential and the get the best out of life at the same time. A great blog if you want to rectify your wayward entrepreneurs lifestyle. Zen Habits will rectify your eating habits, working habits or any other habit that is holding back the entrepreneur in you. A very high quality blog.

Entrepreneurs Journey:

Author Yaro Starak talks about his really amazing journey as an internet entrepreneur. His blog is perfect for those who are looking to be internet entrepreneur.

Quick Sprout:

Neil Patel is easily one of most favorite bloggers. He is an entrepreneur and he has a really witty tag line for his blog: “I’m Kind of a Big Deal!”. If you are looking for a blog that is interesting for you to read with a youngish outlook on entrepreneuship, then Neil’s your guy.

Hope you enjoyed this post.

8 thoughts on “The Top 10 Entrepreneurs Blogs You Must Read

  1. Chris

    I know this is an old post but, while not a blog, Inc. Magazine is a great inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs.

  2. Vic

    Thanks Vivek for making the list. I’m glad that I’ve been already following those blogs before I have read your post. This only means we have the same taste. Cheers!

  3. Kelvin @ Entrepreneurs Discuss

    Thanks for this list Vivek…. I was working on posting something similar on my blog when I came accross yours…

    Income Diary truly has been an inspiration for me… Really cool list..

    Kelvin Igbinigie

    1. Vivek Krishnan Post author

      I am glad you found it useful. Do include my blog in that post as well. Thanks. 😀


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