The Value Of Creativity In Entrepreneurship

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Creativity is the driving force behind most people who have been entrepreneurial successful. It is a term with which all of us are familiar with, yet, it remains a concept that most people are not fully aware of.

The value of creativity in entrepreneurship remains a concept which has not been explored at much depth. Creativity has the potential to find new solutions to a problem and bringing something new into existence. So it is easy to understand how valuable creativity is, considering, problem solving is what entrepreneur end up doing most of the time.

But how can an entrepreneur define creativity:

“Creativity is a person’s ability to think beyond the current limits of a domain, and the perseverance and willingness to take intellectual risks to produce something new within a context that is amenable to the transformable idea or product.”

When a person pursues creativity – it is what is called as pursuing entrepreneurship. The process of entrepreneurship is all about creativity. Creativity is applied to every startup idea, because a startup may be based on an innovative idea or as an improvement to the existing idea. And each idea is based on creativity.

A person who has an out-of-box thinking can easily fit into the role of an entrepreneur. It is because people who tend to have a linear thinking process are usually incapable to solve the abstract nature of problems experienced in startups. In such situations its only creativity that helps entrepreneurs dig their way out. This is why creativity plays such an important role in entrepreneurship.

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