4 Things Entrepreneurs Must Avoid in Dealing with Customers

By | 2012/12/19

For any entrepreneur it is important to know to deal with a customer. Alongside winning new customers it is also important to retain existing customers. This post takes you through the four things that irritate the customers most and should be avoided in dealing with customers.


Never argue with a customer. If you are arguing with customer it will only raise barriers and leads to misunderstanding. Winning an argument makes you feel fine but you are lost the deal. It will be an empty victory because you actually lost it. It makes the other person feel inferior and decision will not be in your favor. The best way to win the argument is to avoid it.

Telling customers that they are wrong

You cannot teach a man anything you can only help him to find it within himself” – Galileo

Customers may be wrong sometimes but do not tell them directly that they are wrong. Do you think they are going to agree with you? Never!! It puts them on a defensive mode. If you are directly saying the customers that they are wrong it means you are directly attacking their pride, find judgment and self respect and this makes them strike back which leads to an argument. Some simple statements like “I may be wrong, sick let us examine the facts”, “I am not sure, let us look in to it”, “I understand your concern let me present some” will work wonders for you.

Not listening to them

Listen to the customer. Never interrupt or contradict them while they are speaking. A customer always expects the company executive to listen to him and show some concern to his problem. Let the customer speak completely before offering possible solution and tell them that they are important and the company is committed to help him. This gives the customer the feel of importance by which you can get positive results.

Not admitting the mistake

When the customer complains about the product and if you know it is your mistake, admit it immediately. Apologize to the customer and help them find the solution. Remember that you will never get into trouble by admitting that you may be wrong. It will stop all argument and it will inspire other person too, to admit he may be wrong. Thank the customer for bringing the problem to your notice and assure them that the issue would be taken care off.

Word of mouth is the greatest publicity for any organization for which quality service has to reach every customer. Let the customer know that they are important for the organization and the company is committed to serve them.

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