5 Tips to Creating a More Motivating Workspace

By | 2011/11/27

A motivating workspace is important. And to create it is a challenge in itself. When self motivation is an integral part of a job it’s important to take a look around and assess the state of the workspace. The reason is that the type of environment we immerse ourselves in for hours on end each day can greatly contribute to our success, no rx or lack of it.

So ask yourself: Does your office make you feel confined, search stifling creativity? Are you breathing easy enough to think quickly and make decisions? Is the space healthy enough to protect you from sicknesses that can hinder your ability to fulfill your goals?

If even one of these raised an eyebrow, cialis it may be time to take the initiative and make some changes that will inspire you and ensure better productivity.

Here are a 5 tips to create a motivating workspace:

  1. De-clutter: We all have clutter but at the very least keep it to a minimum and if necessary place a small bin on the floor for depositing papers, mail, and other loose items so they don’t overwhelm your desk. That way there will be less scattered disorder. As the bin reaches the halfway mark make that a warning sign to file away important documents and toss everything else. Containing clutter will help prevent it from collecting dust and alleviate some of the symptoms that come with allergies. Alternatively, it will lessen stress when having to search for things in a hurry which can sometimes create even greater havoc in the process.
  1. A comfortable chair: Sometimes while deeply involved in a job we aren’t monitoring our posture yet it’s very clear that the way we sit has an immense impact on how well we work. Investing a little extra in a good chair will go a long way towards contributing to your health and a more dynamic workspace.
  1. Good lighting: Natural light is ideal so utilize windows whenever possible. Otherwise soft lighting as opposed to harsh fluorescence is the key to keeping the eyes relaxed. Harsh fluorescence can be tough on the eyes, not to mention create a dreary atmosphere. It’s also a good idea to keep the computer screen clean since dirt on the monitor can also force us to strain more than necessary when trying to work.
  1. Clean air: Let’s face it; if the air you are breathing isn’t clean the result can only be damaging, especially if you are breathing it in all day. That’s why wiping down air vents and changing heating and air conditioning filters regularly is important. Alternatively, air may be free of toxins or other particles but the fact it’s stagnant can be oppressive. When central air is unavailable a simple fan can be the solution to a stuffy room.
  1. A healthy body & mind: A great deal of liability comes with being an entrepreneur so it’s important to be on top of things. That’s why keeping in shape and eating well is essential if you are going to stay focused on business all day (and sometimes all night). Try and exercise at least twice a week and stay away from processed foods, especially those with a lot of sugar. This may not appear to have anything to do with the office but over time you’ll begin to notice how a healthy body and mind will help keep everything else in order and that it’s a special catalyst towards better self motivation.

This post is written by Jakob Barry. Jakob Barry writes for Networx.com. He covers various home improvement topics including  electrical estimates  and air conditioner repair.

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