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3 Tips When You Can’t Get Your Business Name As The URL

Most businesses and bloggers would like to pick up a domain name that is directly suiting their needs or company name. But it is the year 2011 and it is easy to see that most intuitive and good domain names have been taken up. You will find that there are very remote possibilities of you actually being able to purchase a domain name of your choice. Some are registered by corporates, individuals while some are parked at over-whelming resale values. This is why we always need a backup plan for still getting good domain names for our business websites and blogs.

Scarce domain name

So what do you do when you are not getting any domain name of your choice? This post aims to help you answer that problem.

Here in this post, there are 3 tips to pick a domain when all choices are taken up:

Get Specific

This means that you can work on making your domain name more specific to improve the chances of availability. For example, if you are looking for a domain name such as, it is pretty obvious that it is a domain name that would be unavailable. So instead, you can choose to get more specific by including a geographic location or a name. Then in that case, you can try to register (this is an example of a geographic location specific domain name) or which may be available.

Another advantage of booking a domain name that is location based is that, it can really boost your local search engine rankings. For example, if someone searches for “consultants in mumbai”, there is a very good scope for to rank in the top for the search.

Buy an existing domain

Taking up an existing domain is also an excellent idea. But the price of the existing domain name may vary from a few hundred to thousands of dollars – depending upon the name. However, the investment may well be worth your money. There are also a few advantages of buying an existing domain:

  • If you are buying an existing domain name, it is quite sure that you will get a lot of stunning .com options to choose from for your site.
  • The domain name will be old, and search engines usually prefer to rank aged domain names over new domain names for search engine results.

Not getting a .com is not the end of the world

Sure, .com is the most widely recognized TLD by consumers for a website and it is really a shame when you don’t have the .com for your business website. But keep in mind that, not having a .com is not the end of the world. There are often .net or .biz extensions available for your dream name.

If you can’t get your business name as your URL, what do you do?

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  1. I think there are many other great domain extensions out there that can be applicable to your business besides .com. Such as .ly or even .io
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  2. Yes you are right if you are searching for your favorite domain and its not available in .com then no need to upset urself. Try for .net or biz or TLDs like,,
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