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It is a good idea to focus on your personal brand. Most entrepreneurs have started realizing how important a strong personal brand can be for their businesses. Also, illness people who have a strong personal brand will hardly have to worry about recession or their company closing down. Because, viagra a person with a strong personal brand will find buyers/audience/people to anything that they do due to their popularity.

That being said, viagra I scouted a bit over the internet. And here is a personally sorted list of the top 10 articles that I could find on personal branding.

Personal Branding 101: How to Discover and Create Your Brand -Dan Schwabel

Elements of a Personal Brand -Chris Brogan

Personal Branding Is Important, Like It or Not -GigaOm

The Brand Called You -FastCompany

7 Examples Of Kick-Ass Personal Branding – SocialMouth

The 7 Habits Killing Your Personal Brand -OutspokenMedia

Seth Godin’s 7-Point Guide to Bootstrap Your Personal Brand -Personalbrandingblog

Personal Branding: 5 Secrets of Success from Guy Kawasaki -BNet

Personal Branding -Steve Pavlina

5 Questions About Personal BrandingUS News

There is no doubt about the fact that one can easily achieve many of your personal and professional objectives by focusing on building a strong personal brand.

4 Responses to Top 10 Articles On Personal Branding

  1. Vivek, you are right on. I have been trying to define my blog and brand for 3 years. I have moved most of my content from 2009 into draft mode because I want to write my own content.

    I have been using lately to fill pages while I plan my blogging for the future sharing my own ideas, experiences, and discoveries (good and bad). When I begin my own writing next month, I’m confident I will have a lot to say and will not Scoop anyone articles for my main blog; however, I plan to use on my tumblr blog and keep the content separate.

    Thanks for the links to previous articles (some I have read) but the refresher will be good. I appreciate the last three links:
    1) Top 10 Celebrities Who are Great at Personal Branding
    2) How to Build a Personal Brand Online
    3) The 5 Habits That Are Choking Your Personal Brand

    I learn so much by reading others and now learning how to craft my voice.

    • Hi Mike,
      Thats great, looking forward to your content. Thanks for spending time browsing the articles.
      Hoping to see you here more often.

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