Top 10 Business Blogging Tips

By | 2010/10/20

Business blogging does not follow the same rules of personal blogging or blogging for money. These 10 tips for business blogging (different from the usual!) will help you create a great blog for your company website.

There is also an article, if you want to view examples of some awesome business blogs.

Here are the top 10 business blogging tips:

1) Be regular: This applies to all kinds of blogs. But many think that business blogs have the liberty to be lax on posting frequency. Don’t do so!  Make sure that fresh articles come up on your blog regularly.  Blogs that are rarely  updated never gain momentum.

2) Don’t Oversell: Yes, it is true that the business blog is supposed to help your business. But don’t oversell through your articles. You need to strike a perfect balance between information posts and the posts that you use to promote your product/services. If you try to sell on every post you write, it is very hard to gain a customer base.

3) Get Authorities: You do not have to do it all yourself.  Invite experts, clients, authors others related to your business to write on your blog.  This is a great way of gaining authority and trust from your readers – which is a must for a successful internet business.

4) Clear contact information: Your readers should be able to reach you easily. Accessibility to the author is an issue that most business blogs face. make it easy for people to get in touch with you: Phone numbers, email addresses, social media and IM names, whatever. Throw the kitchen sink at that contact page, because you don’t know what other people’s preferred communication style is.

5) Connect Your Blog and Website Clearly: Business blogs can be a great source to create a lot of traffic to your company website. For this reason make sure that your company website and the business blog is connected clearly where visitors can see them. You can use  a subdomain ( or  ( for your business blog. Whereas, the main domain ( can be your company website.

6) Leverage Social Media: Have a Facebook Like box, Twitter Follow Me badge on the sidebar. This will help you connect with social media platforms to your readers.

7) Not just articles: Don’t stick to words only. Create an interactive business blog using multimedia such as infographics, videos, pictures and slide shows. Provide links to other related articles on your blog as well as to other useful content on the internet. Use polls and surveys to increase interactivity.

8) Don’t Consider Ads: The primary aim of a business blog is to generate business for your company so it is not such a great idea for you to place third-party ads. Since, it looks unprofessional. However, you can add ads for your own company or service as well as partner websites.

9) Learn By Asking: The ultimate secret of business blogging is asking your customers what exactly they want. This cannot be achieved by talking all the time. Stop talking and observe what is it that your readers are hinting at. And of course, asking them directly is also an effective way to know what they have in their mind. You need not be the be-all and end-all to gain a million customers.

10) Set Goal and Measure Progress: If you are ever wanting to reach somewhere then you business blog needs to have a specific goal. This goal-setting needs to be done by you. More so, you should also be able to track its progress.

For this you can use services such as Google Analytics. But since this is business blogging it would also be useful for you if you know what people are saying about you. Y0u can use services like, for that.

I hope these 10 tips are useful in your business blog. They will help converts your readers into customers. If I have overlooked any point, do let me know with your comments below.

5 thoughts on “Top 10 Business Blogging Tips

  1. Mia

    I’ve never though of videos before, but I think this can work. It will make the content more dynamic and appealing. So, camera! action!

  2. Azad @ Internet Geeks

    Nice list of tips. Add one more: Always reply to blog comments.
    I had seen some big company blogs where people are commenting and asking questions at their blog and yet they remain unentertained. Don’t do that it may effect negatively to your customers and indirectly to your business.

    Keep posting 🙂

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