Top 10 Entrepreneurial Conferences In The U.S.

By | 2010/08/08

In recent years networking has become a pretty big deal. One of the many avenues used for networking are conferences. There are conferences on anything from hair styling to lobbying. Entrepreneurship is no different. In today’s world where start-ups are becoming increasingly popular and it is no longer uncommon to know someone who has started their own business, discount it is safe to say that the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well. Naturally it makes sense for these like-minded individuals to congregate. Just like other conferences Entrepreneurial conferences bring together a host of diverse individuals with a common interest in entrepreneurship.

There are undoubtedly many different entrepreneurial conferences held throughout the year, recipe but it is important to note that there are a few that stand out amongst the others. Below are the Top 10 Entrepreneurial Conferences around the United States.

  • This conference is a well-known conference for entrepreneurs. Founded in 1955 the USASBE has a longstanding history of providing support to entrepreneurial communities. This year’s conference will focus on providing information on educational programs in entrepreneurship and discuss effective teaching and establishing a curriculum.
  • The WBDC sponsored Women’s Entrepreneurship Conference is designed to help women become more successful business leaders. With five different dates and locations the conference offers a variety of events. Attendees have the option of networking with individuals at the corporate level, cialis exploring the Buyers Mart, listening to informational speakers, and participating in workshops on how to create more effective marketing strategies and the best ways to start a business. The conference also offers sponsorship opportunities to business leaders who would like to offer financial assistance to the planning and execution of the conference.
  • The GCEC Conference has become well know as a conference that connects entrepreneurs across the nation. This year the theme focuses on networking and how it can positively influence the entrepreneurship in an academic setting. To correspond with the educational emphasis placed on this year’s event, the conference will be held at Penn State. The conference also provides participants from different institutions, such as universities and various foundations for entrepreneurship, the chance to interact and exchange ideas.
  • TiECON hosts the world’s largest conference for entrepreneurs. The conference features various activities such as Business Bootcamp and exhibits by top companies. In addition to all the serious events which naturally correspond with a business conference, attendees also have the opportunity to relax and unwind at a banquet featuring entertainment on the last night of the conference.
  • The Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization (CEO), as its name might suggest, is especially designed for college students with entrepreneurial goals and interests. This organization offers both regional and national conferences and different branches universities and colleges across the nation. This regional conferences focus on members finding local support and resources while the national conferences focus on a larger scale of networking.
  • Northwestern University’s Kellogg Alumni Entrepreneurship Conference is one such conference that allows alums to reconvene to focus on their interests. The conference is hosted by the Kellogg School of Management and the Larry and Carol Levy Institute for Entrepreneurial Practice.
  • Another conference that focuses on connecting collegiate entrepreneurship programs is the Entreprelliance Conference. This conference, founded in 2005 is a way for collegiate scholars, administrators, and educators to stay up to date and connected with other entrepreneurial programs.
  • Babson College’s MBA Program has ranked first in entrepreneurship for the past seventeen years. The school was the first to create a global conference focused on entrepreneurial research, and develop a symposium for educators in the entrepreneurial field. With that said its no surprise that the Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference is one of the top entrepreneurship conferences.
  • Following behind Babson as another school with a top program in entrepreneurship, Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business hosts the Conference on Entrepreneurship. This conference features keynote speakers that discuss what factors create sustainable businesses.
  • The Growth 2.0 Conference is hosted by Entrepreneur Magazine and various seminars and speakers and even offers participants the chance to have their business featured in Entrepreneur Magazine. Subjects discussed at this conference include strategies to build up a business and internet marketing strategies.

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  4. James Debono

    Entrepreneurial conferences are a great way for like minded inidividuals to network and share ideas, visons and business opportunities which may lead to joint ventures in the future.

    It proves that the Entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well.


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