Top 5 Alternatives To Google Adsense For Bloggers

By | 2010/06/19

A blogger who has just started off to make money online from his blogs and websites, CPC (Cost-Per-Click) ads will be the lifeblood of his revenues. Although there are other options like selling affiliate products, CPC continues to be very popular among bloggers for monetizing traffic. Google Adsense is the most popular CPC program online. The flat fee payment banner ads can only be achieved when the site has a significant amount of traffic and generates thousands of pageviews per month – which of course, a new site cannot have immediately.

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Google Adsense continues to be the first stop for any webmaster who wants to run CPC ad on his site. Unfortunately, the approval for a ad publisher account for Google Adsense has become an arduous task over the years. It has become very difficult for a webmaster to get his site approved for Google Adsense, most of them experience rejection of their applications over various reasons. In fact, sometimes the grounds of rejection are not even valid.

So, here are the top 5 popular alternatives to Google Adsense:


It is the closest that you can get to Google Adsense. Most of the features of AdBrite make it as effective as Google Adsense to monetize web traffic. AdBrite allows you to run ads from other networks as well alongside their ad banners. They have a payout value of $50 as compared to $100 threshold for Google Adsense payouts.


Chitika is different and you cannot call it a direct alternative to CPC like Adsense. But it sure can surpass or match the earnings of Google Adsense. Instead of displaying the standard ad boxes with image, video and text. Chitika provides active boxes that show targeted products from your advertising campaigns. Pro-blogger Darren Rowse openly claims Chitika to be his number 2 source of revenue after Google Adsense.


Another great alternative to Google Adsense is Bidvertiser. However, when you put up their scripts on your site don’t expect it to show targeted ads. They have a very poor advertiser base that harms bloggers who use CPC ads to show keyword based ads. The main benefit of Bidvertiser is that they allow you to cash out at $10 – right into your Paypal account.


Clicksor is a very fitting alternative to Google Adsense. Clicksor offers a wide range of ad formats including all of the standard Adsense formats that are available. Apart from this, Clicksor is popular among bloggers for their pop-under advertisements, which have proved to be very high-performing for many publishers.


This cannot exactly be called an alternative to Google Adsense. However, AdOnion is more of a market-place where you can directly approach advertisers who may be interested in your site. You can decide to set the price of your choice. The best part about AdOnion is that they allow you to also earn from impressions.

More and more bloggers are search for good alternatives to Google Adsense for monetizing their blogs. CPC alternatives are plenty but all of them may not be that good option for you. There are many CPC programs that are ineffective and are a big waste of time and traffic for webmasters. It is frustrating to see a high-traffic site perform poorly in CPC campaigns. This is why this post is a research on the top 5 alternatives to Google Adsense for bloggers.

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