Top 10 Articles on Getting Good Startup Ideas

By | 2011/11/02

Most aspiring entrepreneurs are always looking for ways to come up with good startup ideas. Good startup ideas are around us but sometimes we just miss what is in front of us all the time. And I have found that we are always thinking that an idea for startup i shard to come by – while the reverse is true. Read the collection below of the top 10 articles around the web that help you on how to come up with good ideas for startup. Enjoy.

Ideas for Startup

This article by Paul Graham is undoubtedly the best resource that entrepreneurs have available for coming up with ideas for startup. It is written in detail and has a lot of interesting information and advice that one can use.

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How to find Start-up ideas?

This post is written by Google engineer Matt Cutts – the article is again a wonderful and a very good read to jog your creativity when it comes to getting good startup ideas.

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The Best Way to Generate Good Startup Ideas

Dharmesh Shah comes up with a superb article on what is the best way to generate ideas for a startup. The article highly motivating and very action oriented. A must read if you are at a total loss of ideas on what you would like to do in business.

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List of Low Cost Business Ideas is providing a direct index of startup ideas classified into categories and with detailed advice for each idea they give. They are all ideas that you can start up with a low budget.

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18 Ways to Come Up with Next Startup Idea

This post is posted on the start blog called AllTopStartups which has recently started creating waves in the startup niche. In the article the author has listed 18 question that will provoke your thought process when it comes to getting good startup ideas.

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How to Find Startup Ideas that Make Money?

This post is written by Paras Chopra at his blog. Paras Chopra is the founder of Wingify (a web analytic company) – he has explained in the post a lot of valuable information of how to find startup ideas that make money.

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Find Inspiration Instead of it Finding You

Written by my favorite marketing Guru Seth Godin – this article is a tequila shot on how to get inspired startup ideas instead of waiting for startup ideas to come to you.

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 How to Find an Idea for a New Startup?

Andrew Warner from Mixergy has compiled a list of ways one can come up with new ideas for a new startup. The best part is that the tips are more that just words listed – they are real life examples of entrepreneurs and how they came up with startup ideas.

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7 Key Points for Brainstorming Startup Ideas

The post is written by Ben Yoskovitz from InstigatorBlog – the post has received good feedback and deals with what the title states i.e. how to brainstorm for good startup ideas.

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How to Get Good Ideas for a Startup?

Penelope Trunk blog has also written a very useful post on how to get good ideas for a startup. It is an extremely useful article where you are given the emotional aspects that will promote your mind to come up with great ideas for a startup.

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3 Ways to Get Good Startup Ideas

And finally, look this is the final tip where I have myself written this post on Collegefallout where entrepreneurs can find 3 practical tips to get startup ideas.

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This was the list of top 10 articles around the web on getting good ideas for your startup.

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