Top 10 Beautiful Retro and Vintage Looking Websites

By | 2012/02/27

Vintage websites have a charm of their own, I love the old and retro appeal that these designs have. And to pull it off on a website such that transports you to another era is simply amazing. Usually, I don’t do posts on website design on Collegefallout, but the fact that I got hooked onto beautiful looking vintage feel websites prompted me to do this post.

If you are a designer, I think this list of top retro and vintage looking websites will be the ultimate inspiration you might be looking for.


Dollardreadful is the home page for their store front which is into selling their products such as photograph frames, pillow cases, ethnic hand soaps and journals. All their products are sort of retro based as well. This website is really the starting point for anyone wanting to admire vintage website design.

Visit this website:


MacsBeer is a beer brewing company. They specialize in amber ale and their website is the official company website. The MacTarnahan’s Amber ale is the tradition of a true Portland Original.

Visit this website here:


This is a Dallas based advertising agency, that specializes in brand management and building brand. Their website has the old World war-2 feel to it. They do everything such as advertising, marketing, web development. It is a website that will really take you to another era.

Visit website here:


47Media is a is a web design company. They have a group of amazing designers that have created a kick ass portfolio for their firm. If you are looking for a great and premium looking website designer with great media and graphics, 47media is an awesome place to contact.

Visit website here:


CSSTinderbox is a destination for WordPress web developers to get free framework for CSS templates. These templates can be used again and again to spare you the pain of starting from scratch every time you build a new website. The CSSTinderbox is based  on the Communist Russia and one of the best looking retro websites.

Visit website here:


Visit website here:


Level2Design is a website that offers graphic designing services for your services. This is one of the best and most beautiful retro websites on the internet. Their website is based on the old highway gas stations that we used to have.

Visit website here:


This is an internet marketing company which offers the full scale of web services such as web development, web design and search engine optimization. They help online businesses improve their presence online and create great looking websites.

Visit website here:


This is the home page for the Smallstone recording company. They have integrated an online store and they post all their new releases on their website. Along with their business blog to update on all their tours and new bands on board. It is an awesome retro looking website with the old stereo on their home page with the ability to operate all the cool buttons.

Visit the website here:


Thunderfuel website is my personal favorite. Nothing beats their website when it comes to the amazing retro and vintage look and feel they give to the visitor. They are most well known as a website design company and they have some really awesome clients. The Thunderfuel website will sort of remind you of the animations we used to see in old super-hero comics. A priceless homepage to say the least!

Visit the website here:

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