Top 5 Common Qualities of Successful Bloggers

By | 2012/12/22

Successful blogging is not only about the money rolling in, there are many parameters of measuring how successful a blog is. Some gauge it with the ability to roll in advertising revenue, while others use audience engagement as the yard-stick. Whatever may be your metric to determine how successful a blog is, there is no dearth of successful bloggers today. Some took years before they made it big in the blogging scene while others came out of no where to take the blogging world by a storm. This post is an analysis on the top 5 common qualities of successful bloggers.

I am sure you all are pretty curious to know if you have the qualities that are commonly observed in bloggers who have been successful in their field. Read on to find out if you have the mettle to make it big in the blogging world.

Common Qualities of Successful Bloggers


There is no better example for passion to blogging that of Darren Rowse from This guy started off with a photography blog that was simply meant to be his way of sharing what he knew about photography. By chance and by work, the blog picked up rapidly and he realized he had learned a lot of new blogging tips that he could share with other aspiring bloggers. So he went on to start a blog specifically for sharing his blogging tips. Today, he runs a host of blogs, some dedicated to Twitter tips and hacks and many others. A very passionate blogger indeed, Darren Rowse’s is one of internet’s largest repository of blogging tips for bloggers of all levels.

Audience Centric

An element that seems to be getting lesser and lesser in bloggers today. It has become too SEO focused and traffic oriented without trying to grasp the full extent of the value of a reader. Audience is simply a number for most bloggers. It is a dangerous attitude that can cause a spiral crash of the blog. Hence, it is important to know that all successful bloggers share the common quality of being able to focus on their readers, talk to them and ensure that the content is enjoyable and/or useful for them.

Solid Domain Knowledge

Amit Agarwal from is a good example of bloggers with solid suject knowledge. He went on to become India’s first professional blogger and is still gets some awesome celebrity treatment. He covers everything from technology, WordPress hacks, blogging tips and social media hacks that can help anyone who is looking to for their daily dose of updates or how-to guides. The fact that all his guides and tips are available in the most lucid manner is testimony to the fact that here is a blogger who can explain technology in layman’s terms. This is only because of the strong domain knowledge that Amit Agarwal possesses in his blogging niche.


Heather Armstrong from is an excellent example of successful blogger with patience. This is one of the top qualities you want to look at while judging a blogger. Most people never make it to the blogging scene simply because they lack the patience to see it through the rough patch where search engines do not send them traffic and other people are unable to find their content. Heather Armstrong runs a highly popular personal blog –, the site started in 2001, and did not carry a single ad till 2004.

Execution Oriented

How well do you practice what you preach? Most bloggers are excellent are writing at top-5 and list posts like these. Few of them practice what they preach. At the end of the day, the most common quality of successful bloggers is that they take a break from all the talking and actually spend time on walking the talk!

Think about the points above, they are seriously pretty useful if you are looking to imbibe what it takes to be on the top spot of your blogging niche. Best of luck!

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