Top 10 Most Awesome Internet Entrepreneurs

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The Top 10 internet entrepreneurs. This post is dedicated to all those young internet entrepreneurs who had the courage to make it happen for themselves. I began blogging almost 4 years back. It is amazing to see people who began their business on the internet for a few months and are now well-known millionaires. I hope the post below lets you become a better blogger. These are 10 young internet entrepreneurs who make millions per year.

Mark Zuckerberg – Mark is just 25-years old (at time of writing). He is the youngest and the top most internet entrepreneur in the world today. Mark is the founder of the second most visited website in the world – Facebook. With this he is the youngest billionaire in the world. He started Facebook while he was still in Harvard. It is amazing to know that Mark started Facebook in his messy dorm room on February 4, 2004 as a way for students, faculty and friends to connect. He got the idea for Facebook from his college and school days where a book with head shots of students used to published.

Kevin Rose
Kevin Rose

Kevin Rose – ‘Digg’ any posts lately. If yes, you have to thank Digg’s founder 29-year old Kevin Rose. While younger, Kevin worked as a breadstick maker at a popular restaurant. Kevin has perhaps paid a heavy price for Digg. He lost the ‘love of his life’ while founding Digg. He invested $6000 into the site, which was supposed to be for a deposit on a house for him and his girlfriend. As a result of this, their relationship broke down. Since then he has been quoted saying,

“no matter what happens with Digg, I won’t put business first again.”

Michael Arrington
Michael Arrington

Michael Arrington – The lawyer who started a blog. He is one of the most powerful guys on the internet right now. Once he was a lawyer and he left his job to become the founder of TechCrunch. TechCrunch is now an authority-blog. TechCrunch covers internet startups and latest in technology news serving over 1.5 million page views per month. Michael is 39-years old. He is one of the most powerful guys on the internet right now.

Bob Parsons
Bob Parsons

Bob Parsons – Almost everyone reading this post is connected to this man. Bob Parson is the founder of the flagship domain registrar GoDaddy. Parsons recounts that he was extremely weak at academics. He joined the US Marine Corps and claims otherwise he would not have graduated high-school. Bob Parsons is also a Vietnam war hero who got injured while serving as riflemen for Delta forces in Vietnam. This is what Parsons said about his childhood,

“I’ve earned everything I’ve ever received. Very little was given to me. I’ve been working as long as I can remember. Whether it was delivering or selling newspapers, pumping gas, working in construction or in a factory, I’ve always been making my own money.”


Arianna Huffington– Is perhaps one of the most successful female Internet entrepreneurs ever and is the founder of the top blog in the world according to Technorati! She started the news-blog Huffingtonpost dot com. Her blog HuffingtonPost has become synonymous to a news website. She is greek American and speaks with a marked Greek accent.

Peter Thiel – Peter is the reason why you got the immediate payment from your sponsor the last time.  He and Max Levchin co-founded PayPal. There is yet to be a substitute to Paypal but none have been as effective. Thiel is also the investor who helped Zuckerberg kick things off with Facebook. I don’t know if you care but Thiel is gay. He is worth $1.3 billion.

Janus Friis– He is a Danish internet entrepreneur, who founded the popular telephony application Skype. Although in September 2005, he and his partner Niklas Zennström sold Skype to eBay for $2.6 billion. His hobbies and pass times include skydiving, pool, martial arts and winter sea bathing.

Evan Williams
Evan Williams

Evan Williams – If you ever thought who on Earth could come up with a name such as Blog – then Evan is your man. He is responsible for popularizing the word ‘Blog’. Evan created the most popular blogging platform for newbies – Blogger. And yes, he is also the reason you “tweet” so much. Evan is the co-founder of the third most popular social network – Twitter. He is 37-years old, never too late huh?

Andrew Gower – Andrew became worth $650 million developing games. He is the founder of popular gaming site Runescape. He created Runescape in January 1999 as an undergraduate at the University of Cambridge. He used the assistance of brother Paul Gower. The Daily Telegraph also listed Andrew and Paul Gower as the 11th richest young entrepreneurs in the UK. Right now, he is 30-years old.

Milun Tesovic
Milun Tesovic

Milun Tesovic – A young internet entrepreneur and an inspiration to all of us. Milun started Metrolyrics at 16 years old. His is a music website. Milun tells his story in his own words,

“When I was 15, I knew that after I got my driver’s license, I wanted a decent-looking car,” he said. “I had my own hosting company (on the Internet), and then I started analyzing where a lot of people go on the web. There were a lot of places where music and video games were available, but what I saw was music lyrics wasn’t that well represented.

So I made a quick script with my own code and started a database of music lyrics. … It cost $9 a month to buy up the domain.”

Although Metrolyrics receives over 36 million visitors monthly. Milun is still pursuing academics, he is doing BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) in Entrepreneurship.

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  1. very nice….just found your blog. This has been very inspiring to me, nice to see young successful guys! Have subscribed to your blog.

  2. I will like to compliment you for the efforts you have made in publishing this read. I am looking forward to the same optimum work from you later as well.

  3. It’s never too late as you can see most of them are either too young or a little older.

    Go ahead cos Internet wants people like them 😉
    .-= NPXP´s last blog ..5 Tips For New Bloggers =-.

  4. This is so damn inspiring! But how about Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia ? I think thats a name worth mentioning since Wikipedia has become a resource almost as indispensable as Google.
    .-= NetBaazigar´s last blog ..Compilation of Directories sorted by Pagerank =-.

  5. […] I am a couple of months late to get this interview with internet entrepreneur Evan Williams with everyone. But I just found this transcript from the Indian news site – NDTV-India. Evan Williams is the founder and CEO of the one of the largest social media platforms – Twitter. He was already mentioned in one of our earlier posts – Top 10 Most Awesome Internet Entrepreneurs. […]

  6. I am glad that I have all the list of these famous personalities from you. Mark Zuckerberg is in first place among them and he deserved to be in top.

  7. Nice list.. but some are accidental and I can’t respect that like mark Zucker Andrew Mason etc.. but kudos for them on trying and accidentally hitting the jackpot.

    This is a nice site. Good job. I’m trying to be an Entrepreneur too but don’t seem to have the same “accidents” as other 😉

    check out my site: … I’ve been collecting articles before most of you were born! 😉 kidding.. but there are 3,000 articles about starting up and getting inspired.

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