Trend: Brands Cashing In on Happiness

By | 2011/09/26

Companies have started pursuing happiness. Branding is now having a strong connection to an emotion that people connect to most easily – Happiness. Countless brands in India (worldwide actually) have started using Happiness in their marketing strategies by including it in their tagline. The basic aim being that the brand should render its consumer a sense of well-being and joy.

Here are a few brands that I came up with, that are using the Happiness factor to boost sales:


This is one of the first brands that comes to my mind when Happiness is involved as a marketing gimmick. This luxury car manufacturer uses the “Joy” tagline in almost all their promotional bill boards – it is one of the best examples of companies cashing in on selling happiness via their brands.

Cadbury Chocolates

They are also a brand which makes use of Happiness as a medium to market their chocolate bars. The tagline “Share Cadbury, Share Happiness” basically aims at creating an image as a sweet for bonding. Its consumers are made to feel that sharing Cadbury chocolates is a great way to spread happiness to other people.

Moser Baer

Their corporate tagline is “Rewriting the Future”, however, when they came out with their low cost movie CDs in the Indian market, they brought out a new tagline for it as well. Moser Baer uses “Hello Happiness” for marketing their movie CDs that sell for anywhere between INR 25 to 35 (which was a novelty in the Indian market at a time when movie CD and DVDs cost anywhere around INR 80 to 150).


Then of course, who can forget the God of all brand Coke using “Happiness” for their 2010 Fifa World Cup campaign. The tagline which they used was “Open Happiness”. They came out with a pretty strong campaign that was meant to emotionally engage its consumers. It was a great branding strategy with it being the Football world cup and all, since people were potentially more vulnerable to such campaigns at the given time.

Domino’s Pizza

This is a company that markets itself on customer delight. They have a tagline “Khushiyon Ki Home Delivery” (Home Delivery of Happiness) – there is seriously nothing more direct than this when it comes to an example where a brand is leveraging Happiness as a way to sell to its customers. When the Domino chain’s global president and CEO, Patrick Doyle , was in India (in March ’10) he was asked about the tagline and he said, “We will never change our tagline ‘khushiyon ki home delivery’ which cuts through the advertising clutter.”

Share other brand names below that I have left out in this article. Thanks!

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