10 Tricks To Increase Your Web Hosting Speed And WordPress Blog

By | 2011/02/25

Google has started placing a huge priority to site loading speed while ranking it in it’s search results. Also, your own web host may be a reason for the poor site speed. If you feel that your web host is the culprit behind the slow loading time of your website, it would be a good idea to switch to another host by looking up web hosting reviews to find what works best. So in this post, I share some easy tricks to increase the speed of your web hosting and WordPress blog:

1) Optimize your database, either through the use of a plugin or manually.

2) Store all your images internally, that means on your server. If you are like me, you would try to save space by uploading the image on a different site, such as Imgur, Flickr etc.

3) Use excerpts on the main page; in other words, use a preview for the full blog entry, then a text link can be clicked on to see more.

4) Make the effort to fill the length and width information of an image inside the image tags to increase loading speed. If not, your visitors browser might spend more time opening it.

5) A website could also be experiencing problems with the site speed because its images or files could be hotlinked. Make sure that you get rid of all hotlinks to avoid data overload.

6) Try to avoid the usage of plugin wherever possible. Use code where you can. This is a great way to speed up your WordPress blog.

7) In connection with the previous point, Do not overdo it on the coding. Keeping everything simple will quicken loading times. Quickly fix errors in coding, else it will affect SEO.

8) Ads can also take up a great bit of bandwidth. Using text ads wherever possible is a good idea. However, no doubt, image ads will always make money more that text-based ones.

9) Decrease the loading time by using a “/” at the end of your website address when linking to it. It tricks the server into thinking the page being linked is a directory.

10) Avoiding flash items and staying up to date with the latest version of WordPress is always a good idea to keep the functioning smooth and sharp.

I hope the tricks I have shared here, help you site runs quicker and is convenient for everyone. Do comment your tips below!

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