Interview With Twitter CEO Evan Williams (Internet Entrepreneur)

By | 2010/06/20

I am a couple of months late to get this interview with internet entrepreneur Evan Williams with everyone. But I just found this transcript from the Indian news site – NDTV-India. Evan Williams is the founder and CEO of the one of the largest social media platforms – Twitter. He was already mentioned in one of our earlier posts – Top 10 Most Awesome Internet Entrepreneurs.

Evan Williams

In the interview Evan Williams talks about the introduction of the concept of showing local trends. Twitter has become so popular that it has become almost a replacement to conventional journalism: 15 minutes before the New York Times had the story on the crash of the plane into the Hudson on its website , it was on Twitter. Being at the helm of such a powerful company like Twitter, Evan Williams was very comprehensive in his replies to some very interesting questions.

He also answers on the piece of information that everybody wants from him, how does a company like Twitter run. Where does the money come from? Other questions he tackles is the nomination of The Internet for the ‘2010 Nobel Peace Prize’.

Here are a few interesting tidbits from the Evan Williams interview,

“Gosh, I hate to recommend any one in particular. I follow friends, family, industry people, Mallika Sherawat, and Bollywood people, Indian people, a wide variety.”

when asked who he follows and recommends.

“Raising money on Twitter is one of a number of things that we have seen that can happen when people have a very easy way to express themselves.”

asked about the State Department using Twitter to raise money for Haiti.

“So a woman tweeting after her sons death is obviously a tragic situation and she was probably look for what all people look for– a connection and empathy, and that is perfectly understandable.”

when asked about the controversy over a woman who tweeted after her son died.

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You can read the full interview of Evan Williams here.

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