5 Types of Content Users Love Sharing on Social Media

By | 2012/04/18

There are some types of content which are destined to become popular in social media. Many bloggers and internet marketers have had it down to a science on what sort of content goes viral in social channels. The main reason is that the type of content is very important for users to share it on popular social websites.

Types of Content Users Love Sharing on Social Media

The (Really) Long List posts

This is the really popular sort of post which is sure to go viral. List posts are a great way to give lots and lots of valuable information for a reader at a single place in one go. It is something that saves a person a lot of time as well as gain as much information as possible in the crispiest format possible. Moreover, healing list posts are psychologically very effective and generate a lot of clicks from a reader.

Example of a great list post: 100 Ways to Become a Twitter Power User by Neil Patel

Interview with Popular Personalities

This is another type of post that you can be sure will be shared on social media. It is the content which can help many people and at the same time is usually very interesting for all sorts of audience. Everyone find an interview of a famous personality really useful. Usually interviews with successful personalities talk about their struggle and their path to success, viagra which is something that all readers would want to know.

Example of a famous personality interview: Gary Vaynerchuk Interview by Michael Dunlop

A well-written tutorial

The power of a good tutorial is  limitless, healing it can be shared by users again and again. It is a timeless sort of post as well as one that has viral potential. However, it is indeed challenging to write and create a well-written tutorial because it is not only about explaining the steps in the most lucid manner possible but the author needs to create well crafted images that go along with the steps, so that the user can understand the tutorial easily. And usually tutorials are meant for users with almost nil knowledge on the given topic. But it assured that the post is always worth the hard work. It is this type of content that readers love to share on social media.

Example of an awesome detailed tutorial: Creating an environmental friendly type of Logo by Tutsplus.com


An infographic became a highly effective and popular way to compress and display complicated data and interesting facts in a fun and very enjoyable way. It became a rage in 2011, with many infographics going viral in 2011. Everyone jumped onto the infographic bandwagon as it was and is, one of the most popular and most wanted sort of content by social media users.

Example of an amazing Infographic: What does it take to get a job at Google by Jobvine

Aggregate the ‘best-of’ information

This is the type of post that is easy to create and it is also really popular among users. In this post, the top information/articles are aggregated from around the web for a particular topic. The aggregated links are then given in the post. Fairly simple concept, you give the users the top links for a particular topic in a single article. It makes the work of a user easier as they do not have to keep using Google to come up with the best links, because you have already done it and provided the best links.

Example of a good “best of” post: Top 10 Articles on Personal Branding by Vivek Krishnan

A single post has the ability to shoot you to the top of social media and expose you to the limelight. So treat your article like a masterpiece and sooner or later you are bound to get a favorable response that can change your fortunes in the blogging world. I would love your comments on this article below. 

2 thoughts on “5 Types of Content Users Love Sharing on Social Media

  1. Sheyi @ Ivblogger.com

    Vivek, another masterpiece. As for me, i love to share posts that are indepth that shares a particular story and solves it too.

    By the way, are there internet investors in India like they have in USA?


    1. Vivek Krishnan Post author

      Pretty much, investors don’t really change with countries. However, starting up an internet venture is slightly different in comparison to the US.


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